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Party Themes - The Wizard of Oz

Updated on April 30, 2012

The Wizard of Oz along with Toto, Dorothy, the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow have been capturing the hearts of children and their parents for almost a century. Bring the world of Emerald Cities and Yellow Brick Roads into your home with these fun and creative party ideas.

Recommended for:

Ages 6-10


Idea 1

  • Cut strips of paper 4in wide and about a yard long out of yellow butcher paper. at one end write “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” then about 4 - 6 inches down write “To (child’s name)’s birthday party” and then every few inches write the details for the party such as the date, time and location. Roll the strips up and give them to guests, as they unroll their “yellow brick road they will get the party information.

Idea 2

  • Cut the tops of blank green cards to the shape of the Emerald city skyline and glue packets of poppy seeds to the front. On the inside write the party information.


  • Cover your front walk with yellow butcher paper or a yellow tablecloth
  • If it’s the fall buy a tall scarecrow from the craft store and prop him up in a corner, or make one yourself with old clothes and a grocery bag inside out for the face.
  • Use blue gingham for table clothes
  • Blow up balloons with helium and hang a small dixi cup under it like a hot air balloon basket. Let them float around the room and when the party is over tie strings to them and have them be favors.
  • String red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple streamers overhead

Games and Activities

There is No Place Like Home

  • Help the kids make and decorate houses by using graham crackers, frosting, and candy. It will turn out being a small scale gingerbread house.

Pin the Heart on the Tin Man

  • Either make or purchase a cardboard tin man and cut out enough hearts for each child to have one. Write each child's name on a heart so you can remember who’s is who’s. One by one blind fold each child and let them try to tape the heart where it should be on the tin man’s chest.

Have a Heart

  • Ask your guest to either not bring gifts or only bring a small gift (discuss this with your child first, you don’t want any hurt feeling or nasty surprises on the day of the party) but instead have them bring food or blankets to donate to a homeless shelter. They will be showing that they have a heart like the tin man.

If I Only Had A Brain

  • Make a Wizard of Oz trivia questions paper, one for each kid. Whoever gets the most right wins, or alternatively you could put all of the papers in a hat (maybe a witch's hat) and draw a winner from there.

Badge of Courage

  • Have each child who wants to take a turn standing on a chair and falling backwards into the waiting arms of all of the other kids. This takes a lot of trust and bravery on the part of the kid who is falling so if any child wants to pass let them and don’t make a big deal over it.


  • Toto’s Puppy Chow - a snack made of chexs cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar, it’s also known as muddy buddies.
  • Emerald City Kool-aid (lime flavored)
  • Rainbow jello pour only a little of each color in the dish and let harden before poring the next color so in the end the jello is in rainbow order stripes.
  • Sandwiches in the shape of hearts
  • Rainbow shaped cake


  • At a second hand store find enough women's pumps so there is enough for each child to have one show. Spray paint them red or glue red sequins or glitter to them. line the inside of the shoes with light blue felt of blue gingham. Put the other favors in the shoe.
  • Tie the “hot air balloons” that were decoration to the shoe
  • Green rock candy
  • “Yellow Bricks” small chocolate nuggets in gold paper
  • Keychains that look like Toto.


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