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Party Themes - Trains

Updated on May 2, 2012

Whether it’s Thomas the Tank, The Little Engine that Could or Coal Cars and whistles train are loved by many a toddler and young child. This party theme will take that fascination and love and turn it into a party that is on the right track.

Recommended for ages: 2-5


Idea #1 - At a craft or party supply store buy blank wooden train whistles, on it write all of the party information and hand them out to your guests. (warning: the parents of your little guests might hate you if you go with this one)

Idea #2 - Dress your child up like a conductor and take some really nice photos of them, if possible in or around a train, either a child sized train at a theme park or on a real train, a train museum is a great place to go to take these photos and it will get you child excited for a train themed birthday party. After you have the photos print them out onto blank postcards and write the party information on the back before sending them to your guests.


  • Use chalk to draw train tracks on the side walk and driveway up to the front door
  • Use green butcher paper for a table cloth and draw a circular train track in the center with a toy locomotive as the centerpiece.
  • Post a large Rail Road crossing sign to your front door
  • Hang old fashioned lanterns or place them on tables around the room.

Games and Activities

Freeze Dance

  • Toddlers love this game and it’s a staple for any event with small children who have some energy to get out. i.e. after you’ve filled them with birthday cake. Play some child friendly music, for this party train theme is a good idea such as the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song, I’ve been working on the railroad, and She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain (though as a kid I thought the “she” in that song was a grandma not a train but no matter it’s a song that kids enjoy whether they know it’s about a train or not) As you play the music stop it every once in a while when the music plays the children dance and when it stops they have to freeze and stand super still. If your guests are old enough make it a competition and if you move you are out and continue that way until only one child is left. If the kids are a little too young for that just play for fun without anyone being out until the children tire of the game.

Duck, Duck, Goose (with a twist)

  • Play the classic game of duck, duck, goose but replace the words with boxcar, boxcar, caboose.

Coal Bean Bag Toss

  • Use a cardboard box and decorate it to look like a coal car. (Tip: Use paper plates for the wheels and paint it red) Then make or but black bean bags to be the “coal”. Let each child take a turn trying to throw the coal into the coal car


  • Ham and cheese sandwiches (use a train shaped cookie cutter on them to bring the food into the theme
  • Train shaped fruit snacks
  • Train Shaped chicken nuggets
  • On a white cake use black frosting gel to make train tracks and fill in with green sprinkles to look like grass. Place a toy train on top of the tracks.


  • Train shapes stencils
  • Train shaped toys (large enough to not be a choking hazard)
  • Engineers cap
  • Train Whistle
  • Train themed books


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