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Party Guide list

Updated on December 1, 2008

There are many reasons to enjoy parties. For the sophisticated, enjoying the occasion is the feeling of looking divine from your personal choice of wardrobe and colors. The more creative a woman gets, the more admirers she attracts and invitations to more sophisticated parties. A party is an opportunity to feel good about yourself and its all about creativity.     The key is to forget the kind of people that are going to be there and focus on the type of person you wish to project. Stick to what suits your shape and consider how smart you want to be. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s easier to do so by over-dressing a bit. This doesn’t mean raiding the kid’s dress up box, however. There is a thin line between glamour and looking like a clown. Every accessory beyond the conventional should point to an aspect of your personality. For example, tribal beads may be out for the season but you may wear them in additional to silver if they are a gift from your Gypsy great grandmother. (If it’s not true, invent!) The point is every item in your apparel should tell a story about you. Don’t wear a loud acid wash pair of jeans just because you saw them look good in Madonna in the 1980s!     A woman may also want to dress up for the occasion. For example, a stylish lady can look both elegant and simple. Just because a bash is in the garden with food cooked on an open fire doesn’t mean you have to forego style. Play it down with jeans, then ramp up the sex appeal. A subtle cleavage or peak of midriff will be enough to make you the center of attention. Looking as though you were born at a film premiere or a black tie ball is what creates charisma. Trying too hard, being predictable or not bothering at all are easy mistakes to make and a turn-off. Focus on your physical strengths, be true to your individuality and remember subdued sexuality is better than overexposure. You will look great!

More partying tips


·  Cut down make-up fit into an evening bag and yet retain all your requirements. For instance, sharpen down pencils – it’s not a waste, you’ll always lose them before they’re ground down and put lose powder in a small MAC container

·  If you are in for a long night, use a make-up primer under your foundation

·  Don’t take such a big bag that you end up having to dance around it all evening

·  If you’re wearing a smart evening outfit, don’t ruin it with a daytime watch

·  Think whether your shoes will carry you through the night? Are you likely to get your period?

·  If you’re planning on getting smashed, think about heel height that will allow you to manage a fall over the floor

·  Eat a few almonds to line an empty stomach if you’re going to drin a lot before dinner and mints for that sexy snog

·  Do make sure you’ve got enough money for a cab if things don’t go to plan







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