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Party Themes - Ancient Egyptian Archeology

Updated on April 30, 2012

Recommended for: Birthdays ages 8 - 12

For a child who loves history, ancient egypt, adventure and Indiana Jones this will be a party they will be talking about for ages afterwards. So put on your fedora and grab your bull whip and lets get started.


Idea 1 - Write out your party information on the backs of King Tut post cards

Idea 2 - Inside of a sand colored card write out the invitation in hieroglyphics. Be sure to include a card for translating and an answer key for the child parents.


  • Drape the room with gold and blue streamers the colors of King Tut’s mask
  • Cover ice chests with gold fabric to look like treasure chests
  • Place inflatable palm trees around the room
  • Leave shovels, sand, maps and other archeology inspired artifacts lying around the room

Games and Activities


  • Fill a large tray with sand, or better yet use a sandbox. In the sand bury artifacts for the children to find. Ideas include, gold (chocolate) coins but be sure they are sealed and no sand will get in, plastic mummy or camel figurines, rubber snakes, costume jewelry.

Treasure Hunt

  • As the children arrive hide the gift they bring (I recommend the drier, it’s a biggish spot and unexpected) When it’s time for the gifts to be opened send the birthday child off with his or her archaeology assistants on a scavenger hunt with clues and hints hidden all over the house. When they find their treasure it’s time to open gifts.

Freeze Dance

  • Equip each child with a tambourine, play traditional music from Egypt and set the kids to dancing. Whenever the music is paused everyone must freeze, if they don’t they are out. The last child standing after a number of rounds is the winner.


  • Food that can be found in Egypt such as peta bread, hummus, lentils and rice
  • For the birthday cake stack square layers of cake on top of one another so that they get smaller and smaller until you have a four or five layer stair step pyramid. Then shave the sides of your cake into an Egyptian pyramid shape and frost in a tan or sand color frosting


  • Plastic “archaeology hats” that can be found at most party stores
  • Gold treasure boxes to keep the artifacts they found during the dig in

One Last Note

  • As much as you might be tempted to involve dinosaurs, don’t. Archeologists don’t dig dinosaurs.


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