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Party Themes - Outer Space

Updated on April 30, 2012

Recommended for ages: 7-12

Is your child's favorite part of science class when they break out the telescope? Do meteor showers make their eyes light up? Are they always begging to go to the observatory? Well how about bring it all to them wrapped up in a fun (and slightly educational) birthday party.


Idea 1 - Create flight manuals. On the front of the card write “Prepare for Take off” on the inside write the party information with a NASA flare. For example “Boarding time: (time and day of the party), Departure point: (location of the party), Report to Captain (child’s name)

Idea 2 - Print rockets out on card stock with a picture of your child waving from the window. Write the party info on the back


  • Cover the windows with heavy black blankets and curtains to block out natural daylight and replace light bulbs with either black lights or green light bulbs
  • Paint Styrofoam balls and cardboard stars with glow in the dark spray paint and hang from the ceiling
  • Use silver lamé as a table cloth

Games and Activities

Rocket Launch

  • Plastic rocket launchers can be found at stores like Target and Walmart

Zero Gravity

  • I’m not a huge fan of bounce houses for birthday parties unless they are actually in line with the theme which is rare but this is a case where it would work because in a bounce house kids can bounce around as if they are walking on the moon. There are a few games that can be played in the bounce house to make it even more fun
  • Tag
  • Twister
  • Balance Relay - Have two teams that are trying to get their balls from the back of the bounce house and out the front door by balancing them on a plate

Alien Tranquilizer

  • Post a few alien cut outs on the wall and let the children take turns with a nerf gun to see how many time they can hit the aliens

Alien GOO

  • To make the goo pour a one pound box of cornstarch, a cup and a half of cold water and a tablespoon of green food coloring in a big bowl. Then mix with your hands until the mixture is smooth. You can put a glob of alien goo in little plastic bags and give each kid one to play with (if the goo gets too dry, add a little more water).

Night Sky

  • If you are having an evening party or sleep over borrow as many telescopes and binoculars you can and let the children spend some time in the yard watching the stars. Give them a map of the night sky and see if they can find any constellations.



  • Bake a cake and don’t cut off the mound on top from when it expanded in the oven, rather frost it to look like the surface of the moon
  • Flying Saucer Pizza (individual pizza's)
  • Alien juice (7up with green food coloring)
  • “Milky Way” milk shakes


  • Glow in the dark stuff (stickers, bouncy balls, yo-yo’s)
  • Alien key chains
  • Mars Bars
  • Starburst
  • Flying saucer Frisbees
  • Space fact cards


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