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Party Themes - The Zoo

Updated on April 30, 2012

Most preschoolers love meeting and learning about animals and this party theme will reflect that love and provide much fun for a little ones special day.

Recommended for:

Ages 2-4


Idea 1- In a word program find a brochure template and fill in the blanks with party information and pictures of animal to make it look like the brochures you get at the front gates of the zoo.

Idea 2- Either make or buy paper masks for the children of zoo animals. On the back write the party info and make suer to include a string so that the children can wear the masks.


  • If you still have your child's play pen or can borrow one from a friend turn it upside down and put a few “animals” inside (stuffed toy ones of course)
  • Open the blinds and tape black steamers down the window to look like cage bars
  • Use “Zoo Pals” paper plates
  • Make a large banner for the guests to enter under that reads “Welcome to (Child’s Name) Zoo”
  • Dress like a zoo keeper and provide things like headbands with ears and plastic noses so the children can pretend to be the animals.

Games and Activities

Pin the Tail on the Lion

  • Same as pin the tail on the donkey but a lion instead

Feeding time

  • Cut out and paint a piece of sturdy cardboard or plywood to look like your child's favorite Zoo animal. Cut a large hole for it’s mouth and have the children have a been bag toss, trying to feed the animal.

Real Life Animals

  • Most towns have companies or organizations that will bring animals to your party. Ideas include: a reptile person, an animal shelter that brings dogs and cats or a traveling petting zoo with farm animals.

Zoo Photos

  • For each child cut out a piece of black paper shaped like a camera, where the display would be on the back put a square of while paper. Provide the kids with markers and tell them to draw what they could take a picture of at the zoo.


  • Make cupcakes and after frosting them place an animal cracker in the middle with pretzel sticks standing up around it to make a cage.
  • Popcorn in paper bags
  • “Monkey Food” - Fruit salad
  • “Lion Food” - Beef Jerky
  • “Dirt” - Chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos on top with a gummy worm or two


  • Disposable cameras for their next trip to the zoo
  • Gummy worms
  • Animal crackers
  • Small (but not small enough to choke on) toy zoo animals
  • Animal print sunglasses


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