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Party Themes - 2012 Olympics

Updated on March 26, 2012

Recommended For:

Birthdays Ages 6 - 12

The summer olympic games in London are quickly approaching. If your little sports enthusiast has a birthday in the coming months this is the perfect theme for them to have a blast at their party.


  • Cut out gold card stock into circles and string with red ribbon. on one side write the party information and on the other write WINNER. Mail the gold medal invitations you have created to your guests


  • Streamers in the olympic colors: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red
  • Use butcher paper or poster board to create a large banner of the olympic rings to hand on the wall
  • Hang flags from all over the world around the space
  • Use foam to create olympic torches to use as center pieces

Games and Activities


  • Let guests take turns with a bow and set of arrows aimed at a target. Whoever can hit closest to the center the most amount of times wins. (WARNING: This should only be done outdoors in a wide open area. If at a park first consult local laws and park policies)


  • Have a variety of races including the 100 yard dash, a relay race and hurdles made of Styrofoam

Javelin and Discus

  • A pool noodle makes a good javelin and a Frisbee can be your discus

Team Pennants

  • Provide a selection of blank felt pennants and decorations such as felt letters, glue, glitter and paint and let the guests decorated their own sports pennant


  • Gold medals, laurel wreaths and small plastic trophies


  • You can serve traditional Greek food in honor of the first Olympics
  • 2012 brings the Olympics to London so British fare is another route to go meal wise
  • Yet another option is a multicultural pot luck that represents countries that compete in the olympics


  • Gold Medals
  • Trading cards with Olympic athletes
  • Baseballs
  • Frisbees


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