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Party Themes - Dr. Seuss

Updated on April 30, 2012

Oh the fun we’ll have! Silly rhymes about hopping on pop and counting fish are the basis for this fun birthday theme for your little one.

Recommended for: Ages 1-3


Idea 1 - Cut out Cat in the Hat shaped hats out of white card stock and use red construction paper to make the stripes. On the back write the party details.

Idea 2 - Mail two paper fish to your guests, one red one with the party info and one blue one to send back as an RSVP.


  • Hang yellow, white, red and light blue streamers around the room
  • Have name tags for all of the guests that read “________ I am”
  • From a teacher supply store find cut outs of Dr. Seuss characters

Games and Activities

For the little ones

  • Many of your guests might be too young to play organized games but have coloring pages for them and a place to play. Also have a handful of Dr. Seuss books that a grown up or big kid can read to them.

The Lorax

  • For your guests that are a little bigger read them the Lorax and then give them pots and seeds so they can plant something and help the environment

Fox in Sox

  • Invite your guests to wear their silliest socks


  • A tall round cake decorated to look like the Cat’s Hat
  • Green eggs and Ham - for the green eggs make deviled eggs but add food collaring to make the yoke green.
  • Yertle’s Turtles (the candy made from pecans, caramel and chocolate.)
  • Pink Ink Yink Drink (pink lemonade)


  • Goldfish (from the Cat in the Hat)
  • A copy of a Dr. Seuss Book
  • A stuffed animal of a Dr. Seuss character


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