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Gift ideas for the craftsman, should include Pasload cordless finish nail gun

Updated on February 19, 2015

Corded vs cordless nail gun

Every self-respecting Handyman I know is a finish carpenter at heart. Building bookcases, kitchen cabinets and closet organizers, these handy men and women, are always building something that requires using some kind of power tools.

Compound miter saws, orbital sanders, and finish nail guns are the tools of their trade. The inconvenient thing about these types of power tools, especially pneumatic nail guns. They require an air compressor to power air mailers, which require an air hose connecting the two.

However, there is a better tool for the job. The Paslode cordless nail gun does not require a compressor, air hose, or an electric cord to operate. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Paslode cordless nail gun.

Paslode finish nail gun
Paslode finish nail gun | Source

Cordless nail gun vs pneumatic nailers

Many moons ago, the only way a Craftsman had to nail finish trim or moldings onto a woodworking project, was to use a Carpenter’s finish hammer, finish nail and nail set. Then with the advent of the portable air compressor, pneumatic nail guns gained in popularity. The trouble with those pneumatic tools they require an air compressor and everything that goes along with it.

Do away with inconvenient compressors

The electric motor and its cord, and in some cases, a gasoline engine, both make a lot of noise, just to power the air compressor. Let us not forget, the air hose running from the compressor to the nail gun getting underfoot and creating a trip hazard. Adding to the inconvenience, all this stuff cost a lot of money, the pneumatic nail guns and air compressors sometimes take as much time to set-up as they could possibly save a Craftsman, Handyman or do it yourselfer when completing a small job.

Paslode finish nail gun review

Paslode cordless 16g angled Lithium Ion Finish Nailer makes a great gift

The Paslode Cordless (Impulse) Nail Gun takes a different approach.

The Paslode 16-gage Angled Finish nail gun rather than using an air compressor to operate the tool, the Impulse nail gun uses a combination of a rechargeable battery, much as the one used in a cordless flashlight, and a fuel cell, like the ones used in a butane barbecue charcoal grill lighter.

The battery will provide the power to drive 4000 fasteners on a full charge, while a single fuel cell will provide the power necessary to drive 1,200 1½ - 2½ inch fasteners in any hardwood trim pieces, moldings or framing materials.

The only problem, if you want to call it a problem,

Is that the fuel cells have an expiration date on them. Using the fuel cell after its expiration date has passed; the tool will not work well. Replacing outdated fuel cells with fresh ones eliminates any problems before they happen.

The Paslode 902400 Cordless 16g Angled Lithium Ion Finish Nailer, comes complete with:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery charger
  • Rugged carrying case that has storage compartments inside it for storing fuel and fasteners.
  • The case includes a 9/64 inch hex wrench
  • Extra no-mar tips
  • Safety glasses
  • Cleaning guide complete with step-by-step cleaning and operating instructions

Get your Craftsman a great Gift; they will love you for it. Mike

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