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Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on February 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while some can’t wait for this day to come, other dread it terribly. The second part is composed from the ones who have absolutely no idea what to buy for their loved one, or where to buy it from.

The usually end up getting bad gifts and thinking that next year they will prepare for this in advance and not wait for the last minute to choose something under the impulse of the last moment.


The Perfect Time To Buy Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Having quite some experience with buying gifts I am sure I have found the perfect formula on when is the best time to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift, and that is between 4th and 10th of February. Why? If you start looking for a present too early, there is a great risk you might end up with something you don’t feel connected to. You don’t feel the trill of the event, so you are too detached from the purchase and the gift might have no emotion in it.

It is however, a good date, considering that you have a good amount of time until the celebration of the event to purchase something without the rush of the moment, time to examine the market and choose something without any pressure.

Looking for a present after the 10th of February is pure chaos. You will be forced to buy what you find, what’s left, even if you have something in your mind, the chances of finding that specific gift decrease as you get closer to Valentine’s Day, and there are huge chances you will purchase something you won’t like, won’t need, and won’t be a suitable gift for your loved one.

Love is in the aer
Love is in the aer | Source

The Perfect Gift For Him

When a girl is buying for a boy, she is, most of the time, lost in space. The only thing she can think of is a two piece lingerie for her to wear and say she is the present. Which is not bad at all, but you can't do this every year, or for every celebration/event you have.

Here is a list with gift ideas for him:

1. A Calendar - with pictures of you for every month of the year. You can ask a friend to take the pictures in your own home, you don't need professional photos, and then go to a center which can turn your pictures into a calendar. He will love them if you have some great ideas for the photos.

2. Your Picture Engraved - you can find cubs, hearts, discs, and a lot of other shapes made from a see-through material on which you can engrave a picture of the two of you. It won't be a color, highly visible picture, but that is exactly the point, you have a great looking, fine object with something that represents your connection.

3. Funny Message Cup - One year I bought my boyfriend a white cup on which I’ve asked the shop to apply a picture of him (on which he had some sun glasses on and a look like “I’m so great”), and to write on the other side of the mug “Who’s the boss?” (relating to the photo in which he had that allure). He was so amused by it and showed it to everyone was coming to visit. So that was a witty gift.

4. Movie Tickets - and I mean tickets for a movie that he would like, not that you would like. Don’t choose a chick flick movie, choose one that you know he wants to see. Make sure you give him the full experience, in order to be a great gift, so get seats in the VIP section with all the benefits included, like food and drinks.

5. Game Tickets - this is something where, unless you are a huge fan of sports, you should buy the tickets for him and another guy friend. Of course that they will be purchased for a later date, not for Valentine’s Day which you should spend together.

6. Motorized Toys - I don’t care if your significant other is 17 or 47, he will enjoy a motorized toy just as much as a little child would. Men are nothing else but big children, so the latest model of race car of helicopter which does who knows what tricks and has lights, and sounds and who knows what else, they will absolutely adore. Just make sure you choose something that looks more like a toy for grown-ups rather than a toy for children, meaning that it needs to look as real as possible, bigger, and do cool stuffs.

7. Carting Time - there is nothing like the trill of racing. Men love competition. Not all kind, but measuring their powers in a “controlled environment” while driving, they love it. So buy them carting time, either for the two of you, either for him and some of his closest friends. I highly doubt he won't like it.

8. Dart Board - this is something that will help him relax after a hard day at work, and you can do together. You can de-tense together, or just do it for fun, compete to see who gets the higher score, play for clothes ... the sky is the limit.

9. Computer Game - if he is one of those guys who like to play games on the computer, you can see what's the latest version of his favorite game and buy it for him. A small tip here: look for it after Christmas when you have high chances to find it on sales.

10. Funny Lingerie - in case you don't know by now, you can find on the market lingerie destined to men. Either it is something serious, but really nice looking, or something funny (with ears like Mickey Mouse, or an elephant trunk, or anything else amusing), you can both have a great laugh and a really great date.


The Perfect Gift For Her

Girls are really easy to shop for, and unless she has really big expectations, it is pretty hard to go wrong with her gift. But, just in case you have no idea what to buy her, here are some ideas:

1. A Calendar - yes, this can go both ways, meaning that it can be a great gift for a boy or a girl, it just differs on what it contains. You can either make pictures of you holding messaging boards on which you write something sweet for every month (e.g.: I love you; you are my whole world; every day with you is the definition of perfection ... so on ... so on).

2. Your Picture Engraved - you can find cubs, hearts, discs, and a lot of other shapes made from a see-through material on which you can engrave a picture of the two of you. Girls love these things, and given that you went out of your way to do this for her ... well ... you win a lot of point. It won't be a color, highly visible picture, but that is exactly the point, you have a great looking, fine object with something that represents your connection.

3. Make-up Kit - Just go through her things and see what colors she normally uses and look for a kit with those colors, or in that color range (range is the variety of a color, like: green, light green, dark green ... ). Just make sure to look if the eye shadow is sparkly or not and buy the same.

4. A Picture - what can be more beautiful than a picture of the two of you set in a romantic frame (and by romantic I definitely don't mean heart shaped - but normal shaped, with hearts on the side, or with sparkling elements, or just a nice looking frame).

5. Her Night - what girl wouldn't like for one night to be all about her? Order in, or cook if you know how, buy a great dessert, rent a chick flick movie - one that she likes, not any movie - and make the evening all about her.

6. Massage - nobody is asking you to do it, unless you like doing it, you know how to do it, and you can actually massage her for about an hour. Otherwise, just buy her a massage gift card at a beautiful SPA place, where she can be pampered as any woman dreams to be.

7. Chocolate & Flowers - I haven't met any woman who didn't like flowers and candy on Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter. It might sound plain to you, but if you buy her a big bouquet of her favorite flowers, and a box of expensive chocolate, there won't be anything plain about it. There are some chocolate shops which let you create your own chocolate box with the candies that you like. You can even take her there and let her create the chocolate box, that is a great idea as well.

8. Clothes - if you know her size, go crazy and buy her that blouse she watched at through the store's window or that skirt she kept telling you about for the past month. You will be a definite winner in her eyes, showing that you listened to her, you cared enough to go look for the blouse and you loved her just enough to buy it for her, just to see her happy.

9. Perfume - there are perfume shops which let you create your own perfume. Ask her what she likes - what type of smells (fresh, sweet), strong, subtle, citrus, coffee, jasmine - or, even simpler, write down the names of her perfumes and they will know what to create for her. Just make sure you put her name on the perfume.

10. Jewelry - you don't need to buy something incredibly expensive, all you need is a cute jewel which says “I love you enough to try”. A silver bracelet with symbols on it (butterflies, hearts, bows - whatever she likes), some earrings, a necklace, a pendant ... I am sure you can think of something, and choose a beautiful jewelry.


There you have it. A list of tips and ideas on what to buy for your loved one for Valentine's Day, as well as when is the perfect time to go gift hunting. All you have to do is decide what you want to buy this year, and remember to have fun together since this day is for both of you. Love and respect each other - this is the best gift you can make one another.

What are you thinking of buying?

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    • florypaula profile image

      Paula 23 months ago

      Thank yo for reading and commenting Chitrangada Sharan. I am a chocolate and roses kind of gal as well :) They just seem so perfect and tasteful.

      Have a nice day :)

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 23 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub with some very good suggestions for Valentine's day gifts!

      I always love greeting cards, chocolates and Roses as gifts whether receiving or gifting purposes.

      Thank you for sharing your gift ideas!