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The Top 6 Perfumes for Valentines Day

Updated on February 9, 2012

On Valentine's day treat your loved one to a luxurious gift of sweet smelling, aromatic perfume. But don't just give her a bottle of fragrance wrapped up in pretty love heart wrapping paper. Be creative and present her with a bottle of scent displayed in a basket of exquisite layers of delicate red silk petals. If you want to make the gift more luxurious wrap a diamond bracelet around the perfume box (if diamond are too expensive, a silver or gold braclet will do the job) or put it inside the box. Whatever you do, let the gift show your loved one that you have taken the time to create a beautiful tribute to Valentines' Day.

Ladies this same applies to you too. Make your man's gift of cologne more interesting, show him that you know what he likes i.e. say your man loves boxing, you could buy a small novelty boxing glove place the bottle of cologne in the palm and tie it with red ribbon. Just a thought!

The top 6 Perfumes for Valentines Day gives you a heads up on what are the best perfumes to buy for that special valentines day gift for your girl or your guy.

Top 3 Perfumes for Women

Pommes D'Or Gold Edition

Beautifully cased in a gold and silver apple shaped bottle Pommes D’Or is a fragrance that combines the fruity blend of lemon and lime citrus, the pungent scent of cotton musk and topped off with red toffee apple tones. This perfume is very feminine and popular perfume by Nina Ricci.

Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881 for women is a modern classic fragrance that fresh and easy to wear during the day, but sensual enough for the evening. 1881 arouses the sensations of fresh air and the feeling of crisp linen. It's fragrance has a sumptuous note of freesia, mildly blending into jasmine which blends into the subtle note of sandalwood.

White Patchouli By Tom Ford

This perfume is sheer luxury. A remake of the patchouli used in the free loving, hippie days of the 60s it is a sensational and opulent mix of pure, fresh white flowers surrounded by intense woody tones. White Patchouli is a sweet, stylish perfume with sex appeal.

Top 3 Colognes for Men

Georgia Armani's Acqua Di Gio

Is a strong, sexy cologne created from the sun and sea of an idyllic Mediterranean island of beauty. It combines aromatic woody tones, fresh marine notes in a fruity and herb base. Acqua Di Gio oozes masculinity and is a wonderful Valentine gift for your man.


Joop, Homme Cologne

This stylish fragrance is full of oriental, woody notes blended with spicy cinnamon, sweet honey, aromatic jasmine and tobacco. Joop is a sensuous provocative masculine cologne.


Armani Black Code Cologne

Is an rresistible fragrance combining fresh citrus top notes and tobacco, leather and woody base notes. It may be understated but Armani Black Code is alluring, lasts for hours and is definitive masculine scent. By Georgia Armani


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