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Personality of Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse

Updated on November 11, 2012

Year of the Horse

One of the most energetic and active Chinese zodiac signs is the Horse. They are known to impress other people by knowing how to carry themselves and dressing well, which sometimes adds to the sex appeal that they already have.

People who are born under this astrological sign love being in a crowd, which is the reason why they are often spotted at events such as meetings, theaters, concerts, parties and other occasions.

On the other hand, a Horse lacks confidence sometimes, which makes them cunning at times. They are also known to be a quick thinker that’s why when they are in a conversation; they already know what the other person is currently thinking or what the other person is going to say.

Just like the animal they are born under, people who are born under the Horse sign are known to travel and race all the time. They are often the ones who separate's themselves from their families, because they believe in being independent at a young age.

They also don't like to be pressured by people around them because when they fail in doing things, they will definitely feel guilty. Another trait that people should know about Horses is the rebellious trait that they have. This trait gives them the power to be ambitious and energetic at times.

This astrological sign is known to be very impatient and short tempered. They are often very egoistic, which makes them very selfish with some people and during certain situations. They don't often include themselves with the problems of other people because they prefer handling their own problems all the time. Despite this kind of trait, there are certain benefits that the people around them experience.

Metal Horse 1930 and 1990

The zodiac sign metal Horse has a passion to roam around the world. They love their liberty and freedom so much, which is the reason why they are often alone. They don't like to be tied up in any type of relationship because they want to fulfill their dreams first. They are also very adventurous, which is why jumping from one job to another is never a problem to them. They can also jump into different relationships often because they are always looking for something new. On the other hand, metal Horses are known to be good friends because unlike relationships they don't have many responsibilities with friends.

Water Horse 1942 and 2002

People who are born under water Horse are known to be very adaptable in almost any situation, despite the fact they that are indecisive. They also love moving from new directions every now and then, but this will still depend on the situation that they are in. This is the reason why they often change their minds every single day, which make the people around them get confused. If you are friends with a water Horse you will surely find them enjoyable, because whenever you're down they will make sure that they can make you smile no matter what.

Wood Horse 1954 and 2014

The Chinese zodiac sign of wood Horse is known to have great strength and stability in everything that they do. Unlike the other type of Horses, they can make decisions easily. The good thing about them is that they stick to whatever decision they make, which is why a lot of people are amazed at them. People under the wood Horse are always well equipped for them to be able to discipline themselves around other people, even if they are alone. The best thing about the wood Horse is their ability to work with every type of people around them. They also make sure that every task is done before the deadline to avoid cramming. Typically wood Horses are successful in everything that they do because of the discipline that they have. On the other hand, if you're someone who manages a wood Horse avoid bossing them around because they don't like to be bossed around even if you are more superior than them.

Horse Under Fire 1906 and 1966

Sociable and very animated are what fire Horses are known for because of the wild attitude that they have. There are two kinds of fire Horses which include the lucky and the unlucky ones. They always love to be involved in every action because the excitement that it brings them excites their mind and body. Fire Horses have feelings that they can trust, no matter what the current situation is. Lastly, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of fire Horse have tempers that can definitely be overbearing at times.

Earth Horse 1918 and 1978

The astrological sign of the earth Horse is known to adapt to any situations and understand them from different corners. People who are born under earth Horse are very laid back in everything that they do. When it comes to decision making, they often think of the advantages and the disadvantages before deciding. They are also known to work harder than usual, for them to make sure that they will achieve the success that they need. Lastly, they have the ability to assimilate every instance that they encounter in their respective lives.

Overall, the Chinese zodiac sign Horse is very sweet in nature, but can also be arrogant at times. They also have the ability to avoid getting into certain situations where they need to give themselves. The reason behind this is because of the independence that they crave. Horses will always depend on themselves to be able to achieve what they want in life. They don’t like relying on other people just to get what they want. They want to show the world and the people who are dear to the that they can achieve everything using their own abilities. Lastly, due to the cheerful and charming personalities that they have a lot of people can't resist them no matter what. So if you are trying to avoid a person who is born under the Horse zodiac sign, you definitely should begin accepting their friendship.


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      5 years ago from England

      The Chinese zodiac always fascinates me so this is really interesting, thanks nell


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