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Personalize That Special Message With Photo e-Cards!

Updated on January 3, 2011

Why Electronic Cards?

Let's face it, the pace of life is sometimes so quick, that you might buy a greeting card and pass by it several times, reminding yourself to send before you can actually sit down and do it!

Worst of all, if it is for somebody's birthday or anniversary, the count-down might be on and you might say to yourself: "I have to send that card! But, I have to get the stamp," A couple of days go by, and you spot it again: "Oh, that card! I meant to buy that stamp yesterday. Better put in among the things I have to get done today!" Three days later, you see it again and feel pretty bad! It's going to be a belated greeting by the time it gets there.

If you have a special friend or a relative that has a meaningful occasion coming up and you don't want to pass up on the opportunity to say something about it and to share this occasion with them, hey, just a few strokes of a key and you are there! Sharing in the joy or in the remembrance of it.

They are great to stay in touch with friends you don't see often or who have moved away and you still cherish. And if you can personalize them, they are even more precious!

Now, you can put int here somethig of your own life. A photo of your baby as she takes her frist few steps woudl be a great one for grandma! A photo of when you were 8 months along with an encouraging message would be something sweet to send to that special friend of yours who is having her first baby. It is something you will share together. It will say, "Hey, I understand. Been there too!"

You want to celebrate that graduation, that promotion, that special achievement with those you love.

There are several sites online where you can go to create such cards, choosing from hundreds of .designs in mnay styles and formats, and best of all, you can personalize your message with something of your own that will be memorable to them!

You can share the memories of your best vacation ever through a unique slideshow, electronic scrapbook, a photo album or a collage.

Some of these sites allow you to create beautiful, moving cards. One of these sites is smilebox. You can add phtoso, video, music and your own words to your e-cards there. Other sites are more on the fun side, like JibJab. Depending on the moment you want to share with others or celebrate in the life of someone close to you, you can choose from several sites that offer a variety of exciting and easy to use electronic cards.

Now you know that you can stay in touch in a quick and easy, yet personal way!


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    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 6 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      You're very welcome! I find electronic cards very practical. I'm almost always on the go, yet I don't want to forget the unforgettables, like birthdays, and a lovely e-card is a way to always remember that special one in that special day. . .

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Great ideas for making ecards. I didn't know about the JibJab or smilebox sites. Thanks for the info.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      This does make sense in our world now. E-cards are the best option.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Any way that one can stay in touch, share photos, etc. is always good and it it nice to know of these additional options. Thanks!

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      You're right, Dolores! Especially to the folks or to grandma!

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      What a nice way to send greetings! So many of us are so far away from one another, it's great to send pix to help keep up!

    • MercuryNewsOnline profile image

      MercuryNewsOnline 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I will try using these sites myself. Thanks for the useful information craftybegonia.

      For creative people like yourself, you may also try where you can customize your design for t-shirts, mugs or clothes.

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      Yes, sometimes, sending a card is the best option, when "being there" is impossible for you. The thing is not letting the special occasion slip by without participating in it somehow and sharing in it with your loved ones or friends.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California

      I need to start doing this. Stores have such great deals on these cards, and I just love getting them fromp eople. Thanks for the Hub!

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      You're very welcome! Sharing enriches any relationship. You don't have to miss out anymore.

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      You're very welcome. Hope the information is useful to you and others!

    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 7 years ago

      Sending e-cards is so convenient, and also environmentally friendly. Thank you for the info!