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Send Holiday Cheer With Personalized Christmas Cards

Updated on March 21, 2011

Personalized Christmas cards are a great way to infuse your personality and bits and pieces of your life into your Christmas cards each year. We are all guilty of buying Christmas cards and simply signing them and sending them to friends and family. While it's nice that we think to send cards at all, it'd be even nicer if we were able to send personalized Christmas cards that let people know a little bit more about us, where we are, what we like to do, and how we may have changed since the last time we saw our friends and family.

Personalized anything is nice, but when you are sending a card across the country, or maybe even across the world, it's nice to send something that is personalized and somehow unique and special because it's from you and only you. A personalized card will make your friends and family smile when they open the envelope and it's also an easy way to let the card recipients know that you put some time and effort into them.

Personalized Christmas cards can be made just about any way that you would like them to be made. One popular way to personalize cards is by attaching a photograph or just having photo cards printed at a photo studio in your area. This is actually a very simple way to send personalized Christmas cards once you have a picture taken.

Your friends and family will appreciate seeing a picture of you, an area that you traveled in, or even a new house or pet. A picture is worth a million words they say, and when it's sent in the form of a personalized Christmas card it may even say a few more. There is no better way to say Merry Christmas than with a personalized Christmas card!

Another great way to send Personalized Christmas cards is to make them yourself. You can use any sort of paper and nice pens or markers to write personalized notes or draw pictures. If you have a drawing talent or ability to write poetry or nice messages this can be a great way to express yourself and your talent.

Your friends and family will love receiving the personalized Christmas cards, but it'll be even better because you gave each card a very personalized touch. You are sure to get thank you notes for your personalized Christmas cards, which is not at all typical!

Having your kids create personalized Christmas cards for close family and friends is another great idea. Simply give your kids folded construction paper and let them go crazy creating personalized Christmas cards for friends and family. Ask them to leave a specified portion of the card blank for you to write or print a message with your computer and you've got yourself a very special set of personalized Christmas cards! Your friends and family will likely keep these personalized Christmas cards for a long time, as they'll surely bring a smile to the faces of all who receive them.

Personalized Christmas cards are often fun to make, and they are even more fun to receive. So this year put a little bit of time and effort into your Christmas cards instead of sending those boring cards that everyone will be expecting from you!


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