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Personalizing Your Christmas Cards

Updated on December 23, 2008

How many Christmas and holiday cards do you receive?  Is there something about some of the cards that touches you deeply? 

Seasons Greetings

People love a personal touch! It sends the message that you thought about them from start to finish while you finalized the card. And the good news is that you don't have to rush out to an Art store, purchase construction paper, buy a good pair of scissors, ink and ribbon. You can take store bought cards and personalize them! And it's easy.

Before you send each of your holiday cards, sit down and write a special message to the recipient calling to memory a recent event the recipient cherishes, something that means a lot to the recipient. Make it a recent event. It could be the celebration of the person landing a new job, earning a degree, healing, overcoming a challenge.

Do this for each holiday card you send and you'll begin to notice something. An unexpected reward will be yours. You will begin to feel the energy in each celebrated event you write the different recipients about. It will build and build. Before long you'll be feeling great.

There are so many ways to rejoice and celebrate the holidays. But whatever we do or say or send it's when we put "ourselves" into what we give that we share and receive life's precious gifts - joy, peace and happiness!

Happy love-filled holidays!

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