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Persuasion Vacationing to Hawaii Outline

Updated on May 16, 2015

Topic: Vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands

  1. Introduction
    1. Why to go there
  2. Best Vacation?
    1. 8 islands
      1. Eight different vacations all wrapped in one
    2. Volcanoes
    3. Amazing scenery
    4. Up close marine encounters

III. Maui

    1. 27-acre botanical paradise with overlook of Puohokamoa Valley and Falls.
      1. Several rain forest pools with waterfalls.
      1. An ancient cavern system that was created from hot molten lava flowing a thousand years ago. Two miles long and large enough to accommodate a six story building!
    4. HANA BAY
      1. Isolated paradise. Fishing wharf, bay, cattle ranch, cultural center and museum, churches, art galleries, shops, and restaurants.
      1. The crescent shaped offshore island is a marine preserve under water and a seabird sanctuary above the water. A popular snorkeling and scuba diving site just 30 minutes from Maalaea Harbor.

IV. Main Land

    1. One of the most active volcanoes on Earth. Site of Crater Rim Drive and its sulfur banks, steam vents, moon walks, lava tubes, and the newest land on earth.
      1. A botanical paradise with exotic animals from around the world including a white Bengal tiger called Namaste plus many endangered animals indigenous to Hawaii.
      1. A huge lava tube accessible only by guided tour
      1. Downstream from the gorgeous Peepee Falls are what appear to be holes in the river bed resembling naturally bubbling Jacuzzis.
      1. One of the Island's most beautiful beaches - a long crescent of white sand. Excellent swimming & snorkeling. Green sea turtles are common visitors. High surf brings hazardous water conditions.
  2. Lanai.
      1. A very special spot where the ancient Hawaiians still sing their tales in stone across the gulf of time. Covering a three-acre area, most of the picture books are found on the south faces of the boulders.
    2. KAUNOLU
      1. Site of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village - Kamehameha the Great's hideaway - a Mecca for archaeologists and anthropologists.
      1. A fantasia of otherworldly landscapes - barren red earth, convulsed ancient lava flows, tortured pinnacles of stone, and psychedelic striations of vibrating colors - a shocking assault on the senses.
      1. Like a mirage - a totally secluded, pure-white sand beach fronting a moving blue ocean.
      1. A climb to Lanai's highest point, Mt. Lanai hale (3,370 feet) engulfed in cool stands of Norfolk pines, eucalyptus, ironwoods, ferns and wildflowers.

VI. Activities

  1. Air
    1. Airplane tours
      1. flights over Waikiki, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, windward Oahu, the Dole pineapple fields, and the north shore
      2. tours of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and circle island tours covering Kona, South Point, the east side of the island, and the Hamakua Coast
      3. Hang Gliding
      4. Paragliding
      5. Parasailing
      6. Skydiving
      7. Zip lining
      8. Glider tours
    2. Water
      1. Amphibious Vehicle Tours
        1. Tours of Pearl Harbor and Southeast Oahu in a DUCK vehicle that can travel on both land and water.
        2. submarine tours
          1. Depart from Waikiki Beach, the Maui submarine tours depart from Lahaina Harbor, and the Hawaii Island (aka Big Island) submarine tours department from the Kailua-Kona Pier.
        3. Cruises
          1. nighttime dinner cruises off the coast of Waikiki
        4. Boating
          1. Small boat harbors on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and the Big Island of Hawaii.
          2. Catamaran sailing tours
          3. Kayaking
          4. canoe races
          5. fishing boats
          6. sailing
    3. Land
      1. ATV tours
        1. tours of the Kualoa Ranch, Parker Ranch, the slopes of Mount Haleakala, the Koloa Plantation, Makeweli Ranch, and the Kauai Sugar Plantation
        2. Auto Racing
        3. Bicycle Tours
          1. plus mountain biking trails, cycling organizations, and organized bicycle tours
        4. Bus tours
        5. Dragon Boat racing
        6. Driving tours
        7. Equestrian riding
        8. Helicopter tours
        9. Cave exploration
          1. The Hawaiian caves are all underground lava tubes and several of them can be explored, with or without a guide. One of them, the Kazumura Cave on the Big Island, is one of the longest and deepest lava tubes in the world.
  2. Marine encounters
    1. Hawaii Shark Encounters
      1. Go below the water's surface (in a protected cage, of course) and come face-to-face with the most lethal underwater predator known to man! Shark sightings are guaranteed or your money back!
    2. Hawaiian Ray Encounter
      1. Hawaiian Stingrays are mysterious creatures that are gentle, mellow, and safe to swim with. The Hawaiian Ray Encounter Tour at Sea Life Park is a great educational tour that gives you the opportunity to snorkel next to these wondrous animals.
    3. Sea Lion Discovery SWIM!
      1. Bring your swimsuit and towel, and prepare yourself for a fun-filled experience swimming with and learning about Sea Lions. You'll have the opportunity to play with them, pet and hug them, and don't be too surprised if you also receive a kiss
    4. Sea Trek Underwater Safari
      1. If encountering only one marine animal is not enough excitement, the Sea Trek Adventure is the perfect activity for you. Gear up and submerge to the bottom of a Hawaiian Reef Tank where you'll encounter sea turtles, exotic fish, stingrays, and more!
    5. Swim with Dolphins
      1. Have you ever seen a dolphin dance? Well, here's your chance! Visit Sea Life Park on Oahu and choose from three different interactive dolphin programs designed to educate and entertain you! Treat yourself to a day of dolphin fun!
  3. Attractions
    1. Ancient sites
      1. Petroglyphs
        1. Ancient writings on rocks and other natural surfaces in the Hawaiian Islands.
        2. Heiau
          1. Ancient places of worship in the Hawaiian Islands
    2. Marine Life Conservation Districts
      1. Marine wild life can be seen
    3. Zoo
      1. Honolulu Zoo
        1. The largest zoo in Hawaii
    4. Waterfalls
      1. Oahu Waterfalls
      2. Big Island Waterfalls
      3. Maui Waterfalls
      4. Kauai Waterfalls
      5. Molokai Waterfalls
        1. Haipuapua Falls, Kahiwa Falls, and Moaula Falls
    5. Volcanoes
      1. Haleakala
      2. Diamond Head Crater
      3. Mauna Loa
      4. Mauna Kea
      5. Kohala
      6. Kilauea
      7. Hualapai
    6. Hiking trails
      1. The Diamond Head Crater Trail, the Manoa Falls Trail, the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail on Oahu
      2. 2. Waikiki Historic Trail
      3. 3. Kauai Hiking Trails
    7. G. Theme Parks
      1. Includes the Polynesian Cultural Center, Sea Life Park, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, the Kualoa Ranch Adventure Activity Center

IX. Conclusion

  1. Vacation to the Hawaiian Islands
    1. Sites
    2. Marine life
    3. 8 whole islands to explore


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