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Pete the Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on December 23, 2017

Kid's Pete The Cat Costume DIY


Pete the Cat is a popular kid's book character and he is the coolest cat ever. There is a real Pete the cat and he is owned by artist James Dean. Dean adopted a kitten from his local shelter and one day he decided to draw a picture of the cat. The real Pete is black but James painted him blue in the picture.

James drew pictures of Pete in a basket of laundry, scratching at a screen door, sleeping, you know, doing cat stuff. But then James saw Pete doing people things. One day Pete was batting a coffee cup with his paw and Dean painted him with his own cup of coffee, and that's how Pete became a cat who loves coffee. Pete would hang on James' car so James would draw Pete driving that car. James Dean let his imagination run away and gave Pete an exciting life on canvas.

Easy Pete The Cat Costume For Halloween


This easy DIY Halloween costume can be made with a yellow t-shirt, some colorful buttons, and a handmade cardstock paper Pete the Cat hat. This costume needs almost no instruction at all, you only need to look at the pictures.

If you look closely at the photo you will see how easy the hat is to make. A strip of blue paper becomes the hat, add triangle ears, oval yellow paper cutouts and oval black paper cutouts plus a white roundish edged triangular shape become Pete's eyes. Another white triangle shape becomes his nose.

Homemade Pete The Cat Costume How To Make A Groovy Buttons Costume & A Pete's Mask Pattern

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This Costume Is From The Book Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

There are two parts to this easy to make costume. There is a mask and a shirt with four colorful buttons on it. This outfit is made out of stiff felt and regular felt. Here are the supplies you will need to make it:

  • 1 Large Sheet of Stiff Blue Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Stiff Black Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Yellow Felt
  • 1 Sheet of White Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Light Blue or Turquoise Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Dark Blue Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Green Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Red Felt
  • Craft Glue (E6000 was used to make this costume)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Velcro
  • Printable Pete the Cat face (you can find one online) you will have to blow it up, print it out, and trace it onto a sheet of white cardstock. Then cut out the pieces of the pattern and trace the shapes onto the felt. Next cut out the felt pieces, glue the pieces of the eyes and nose together. Glue the nose and eyes onto the mask. The parts of the face were then outlined with black felt. Cut some strips of the stiff black felt to use as whiskers, glue those onto the mask.
  • Yellow T-shirt - the t-shirt is easy to make. Cut out round circles in the colorful felt and make button holes using a black marker. Glue the buttons onto the yellow shirt. Easy!

Another DIY Pete The Cat Costume Idea

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You can make this costume with these supplies:

  • Felt - Blue, Yellow, White, Black
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing/Batting

Look at the pictures and cut out your felt pieces.

Roll the batting into some felt to make a tail & sew the tail closed using a straight stitch

Glue the eyes and nose to the mask

If you like to sew use a straight stitch in similar colors and go around the nose, the eyes, and the whiskers.

Measure the headband around the head of the person who is going to wear the costume and sew it closed so it fits nicely.

More Adult Pete The Cat Costume Ideas


These ladies each chose one of Pete's favorite colors as a main theme of their costume. The shirts and sneakers match perfectly. They added some feather ears, a feather tail, makeup whiskers, and a sign. What a simple and effective costume to make yourself.

DIY Costume Supplies

The Cat
Yellow or Blue Shirt
Blue Pants
Colored Buttons
Pete Mask
Guitar Prop
White or Colored Sneakers
Blue Cat Ears
Craft Glue

Adult Pete The Cat Costume


This adult costume idea is from Pete's book, Pete the Cat: Rocking In My School Shoes. The book cover shows Pete in his red shoes, rocking with his guitar. To make this costume you will need some blue pants, blue shirt, red felt or cloth for your shoulders, red sneakers, and a red guitar. The head of this costume is something else, isn't it?

The costume head was made by using paper mache and a 12" bouncing ball. The ball was put in a mixing bowl to hold it steady - and it leaves a hole in the bottom where the ball is sitting in the bowl for your neck. Then it was covered with paper mache. The ball was covered in layers of paper mache and then it needed to sit and completely dry.

Ears were made out of poster board and duct tape was used to secure them to the mask. The slightly puffy cheeks were made with some poster board cut into football shapes. This was then covered once again in paper mache and allowed to dry. A box cutter was used to cut a triangle out of the face for the nose. The nose also helped the person see.

Then a thin piece of blue felt was applied with some spray adhesive. This step has to be done carefully. The final step is to glue on the whiskers and the eyes. Yellow felt eye shape cutouts. make the eyes, and whiskers can be made from black cardstock or even pipe cleaners. Read the original story at Library Safari.

Pete The Cat Costume Ideas For Women


This costume is so easy to pull together and it's brilliant. Get a blue shirt and pants, stick a red heart shape on the shirt, wear some yellow eye masks (or are those his magic sunglasses?), blue cat ears and an inflatable guitar...add some colorful sneakers and you've got a great single or group Pete the Cat costume!

Last Minute Pete The Cat Costume


Printable Pete The Cat Mask For Halloween


Get In The Halloween Mood With PETE the CAT: Five Little Pumpkins Book

Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons

To see more books and paintings that feature Pete the Cat visit his website.


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