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Philippines: My First Trip To Dumaguete City

Updated on May 1, 2013

Siliman University

Photo of me on the road at Siliman University
Photo of me on the road at Siliman University | Source
Night Life
Night Life | Source
Boulevard | Source

My first ever very short visit

I had a chance to visit my friend in Dumaguete and I did not have any idea of what it looks like. I took Philippine Airlines going there. From the Dumagutete airport, I just took the tricycle and asked the driver to send me to the center of the city. Just mention your hotel they will know it immediately. That ride was a special trip and I paid P100 but when I arrived to my destination, I found out that I should have paid P30 only.

The city is good, where you can just walk around if you want to explore it. But, if you get easily tired of walking, just take a tricycle for only P8.

I visited some parks, malls/departments stores, universities. The famous is the Siliman University, so I took picture on the road. Well, my friend took it for me.

At night, there were lots of bars along sea boulevard only a walk away from the city. I also tried seafoods in some good restaurants along sides and it tasted really well and fresh.

I observed many foreigners in each corner of the city whenever I was on the road. One time, I asked one person why many foreigners are staying there?

Well, foreigners really like this place to live in. Cheap cost of living and everything is in there from malls, restaurants to universities and offices, etc. The place is also very peaceful and safe with night life. Most of them are retired gentlemen. They want to live in an unpopulated place.

So, if you are a foreigner in this country, just visit this place and maybe you might like to stay for good. Have a safe trip.


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