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Philippines: Tacloban City with my tutee

Updated on June 3, 2015

Douglas Mc Arthur Park

a walk away from Oriental Hotel
a walk away from Oriental Hotel | Source

The Oriental Hotel at night


My First Trip To Tacloban

I am a tutor. Sometimes, I traveled a lot because of my work. One day, the parents of my tutee decided to bring me to their hometown because they had papers to process in the province. So, I needed to be with them for two weeks to tutor my student as well.

We took the Cebu Pacific Airline from Manila to Tacloban. The Oriental Hotel service fetched us from the airport. The resort was so peaceful and has a very nice structure with sea bay and swimming pool. The resort is beside the famous Mc Arthur Park just a walk away from the hotel, if you want to visit the park, you can choose which way you are comfortable with whether from the road or sea bay, same distance.

The Oriental Hotel

This is me having fun swimming at the resort
This is me having fun swimming at the resort | Source

Leyte Park Resort

A picture taking trip at Leyte Park Resort
A picture taking trip at Leyte Park Resort | Source

Our daily routine

Every time we go out together to the mall, we just asked the hotel service to send us there. Then, we took taxi to go back to hotel afterwards. The taxi we were using every day going back to hotel was a special ride that can cost us over 250 pesos from Robinsons Mall to the Oriental Hotel. If you are traveling alone just take a taxi or jeepney or tricycle. They also have a metered taxi.

After a week and over, we moved to another hotel resort. It is called Leyte Park Hotel. They got a very expensive room for us that can accommodate 7 persons. It is really big that you can see the luxury you want in your house. From jacuzzi, workout equipments, to sports equipment like billiard and hockey tables and comfortable sofas with complete set of TV showcase. A very complete amenities inside the room that can also cost you a thousands. But, if you want simple living, just ask the information desk for their available room for you not this room I am telling you about, a villa room which costs 15K pesos a day. So choose a suited room for you.

Outside of the hotel is like a garden with full of plants since it is called a park expect a park outside of it.

San Juanico Bridge


My tutee and me at the park

Having fun together/bonding time
Having fun together/bonding time | Source

Going to Leyte/Samar passing by the famous San Juanico Bridge

If you wanna travel to Leyte Samar, just hire a special trip using a taxi from the Robinsons Mall or anywhere on the road but it can cost you over a thousand. If you want a cheaper fare, just take a tricycle going to the terminal of van/fx where other passengers are waiting bound to each small town of Samar.

You will pass by the bridge San Juanico which is a project of President Marcos during his time. The longest bridge in the Philippines connecting to Samar and Leyte.

In Samar, you can see usual places in the province like jungle full of coconut trees and rice fields on the same sides of the road. Nothing special but to discover the way of living of the residents there. A simple living but with happy family.

Hope you can visit these places and this hub might help you in your future trip. Have a safe trip.


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