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Pirate Cupcakes! Great ideas on how to decorate your cupcakes

Updated on June 19, 2013

Pirates Ahoy! If you're planning a pirate themed party having great looking cupcakes will add to the experience. I have gathered some of the coolest looking pirate cupcakes and tips on how to decorate them. Hope you will like them!


Fondant Pirate Head Cupcake Topper

Playing with fondant is extremely fun and you are able to create true cupcake masterpieces!

Pirate cupcakes are perfect for putting your fondant shaping skills to the test as they are fairly easy to make!

What you need for a basic pirate head topper:

  • skin color and red color fondant (you can buy white fondant and color it or you can even try making fondant at home)
  • black food pen/writer
  • round cookie cutter or a round glass

How to make a simple pirate cupcake topper:

Roll out the skin color fondant and with a cookie cutter or a glass cut out round shapes. Do the same with red fondant (half the number of circles). Cut the red fondant circles in half.

Put the red half circles on the skin circles - glue them together with fondant glue (it can be small quantity of fondant mixed with water, you can purchase the glue, use butter cream icing, water...)

With black food writer draw in the eye, mouth, nose (which can also be made out of fondant, just make a small ball) and naturally an eye patch.

Easy and simple, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with working with fondant. As your skills progress (and you will be becoming better with every cupcake) you can start adding in other details - ears, earrings, hat decorations, scars...


Pirate Flag Cupcakes

Black flag is yet another cool symbol of pirates! You don't see one of their ships without one.

There are many cupcake toppers like this available for you to buy but you could as easily make them by yourself.

I have created black pirate flag cupcake topper which you can print out and use for free (scroll down for image).

Right click and save the image - you can open it in any image editing software to set the size you wish, if you are not skilled with computer software you can copy the image into Word (or similar text editing software) and print it out from there.

Print it out take a few tooth picks or lollipop straws and glue the flag onto the picks (you will need to fold the flag in half to get the best effect)

Right click on image and select save image as...

Pirate Cupcake Rings

Cupcake rings are perfect for kids birthday parties as they double up as a party favor.

You can use them to complete the look of your cupcakes.


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