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Place To Go For K-Drama Addict When Visiting Seoul

Updated on August 23, 2016

N Seoul Tower

South Korean landmarks or iconic places are always the best places for Korean drama production. There are always excellent venues to show and they inspire Korean drama viewers, who might want to visit the most memorable sites in this country. Definitely, places in Seoul are ones that we have seen so far.

It goes without saying that N Seoul Tower remains as the most favorite place among others in this city. Situated nicely in the core of the city, this place is also the main destination, even for those who have never seen Korean dramas before. Millions of foreign tourists flock to Seoul and they will never want to skip this enchanting tower. It is recommended to arrive here in the afternoon, so visitors can enjoy walking before dining at its world-class restaurant. The night views of Seoul from the top of the tower are breathtaking, while the high-end LED lighting of this tower is more than just mesmerizing.

Since it was launched Since it was launched in October 15th, 1980, it doesn’t seem to run out of visitors. On the other hand, its popularity is increasing, thanks to the popular Korean dramas which have used this place for their some scenes. Most of them are romantic scenes, so it doesn’t only attract foreigners, but also young couples.

There are reasons why N Seoul Tower attracts people worldwide. First, it can deliver the most magnificent panoramas of the South Korean capital city, thanks to its location on the Namsan Mountain.

Yet, not all people know the origin of this iconic landmark name. N Seoul Tower is the ‘n’ew name from ‘N’amsan. Previously, it was called Namsan tower. But, the name was changed because this tower is the representation of Seoul, instead of ‘only’ Namsan.

So far, N Seoul Tower has been through several renovations which require approximately 20 billions won. Now, visitors can not only enjoy al fresco views from the top of the tower, but also elegantly designed interior that meets the modern standard, without taking the real value of this tower for granted.

Wondering how tall is this tower? Just imagine how tall it is if you can reach it for about 30 minutes, by taking the elevator. Well, just like other tourism destinations, this place also offers excellent souvenirs, which should not be missed. They are available in various forms and they are also affordable. Reaching this place is very easy, because almost all tour agents offer traveling packages to this destination. For backpackers, taking a tour around N Seoul Tower is as easy as taking shuttle buses or cable cars, after walking from Exit 3, Line 4 Myeong-dong Station.

Romantic Scenes

Korean drama lovers would never forget the love scenes from “Boys Over Flowers.” Some episodes show dating scenes of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, who shared their fun and romantic moments together. After those episodes were aired, then there was a significant increased of visiting rates.

The same thing happened after several scenes of “My Love From The Star”, when Do Min-jun and Cheon Song-yi have shown their special feelings toward each other.

So, planning to visit Seoul? Then N Seoul Tower should be on your main destination lists.


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