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Planning Baby Shower Menus

Updated on November 20, 2012
Baby Shower Menus
Baby Shower Menus | Source

Baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate the arrival of a new life. But planning baby shower menus can be time consuming. Here are a few tips that can help you with the planning process.

Considering the Guest List
It helps to have an accurate RSVP count before you begin planning baby shower menus. While the number of guests certainly influences the amount of food you prepare, it can also influence the type of food you prepare. If you have a large guest list, it will be easier on you if you limit the number of dishes that require a lot of time to prepare.

How well you know people on the guest list will also influence the menu. If you do not know many of the guests, it is best to stick to more traditional menu items like cheese and crackers, a fruit tray, or a vegetable tray. Also plan a variety of items so that you hopefully hit at least a few things that each person likes. Stay away from a spicy menu or dishes with unusual foods if you do not know the guest list very well.

Time and Money
You will need to figure out your food budget for the baby shower and work your menu around that. Making things from scratch will most of the time be cheaper than buying pre-made items from the store. But you also have to consider how much time you have available. List the menu items you want to prepare and write down how long each one takes for cooking time and prep time. Figure out which ones you can make in advance of the party. Then figure out if you have time to make everything on your list. If you don’t, find other recipes that take less time. When you list your menu item cooking and prep times, it would also be a good idea to list estimated costs for the ingredients. This way you will have a list with both costs and time involved.

Planning is an important part of getting together baby shower menus. It will help you ensure that you throw a party that everyone will enjoy and one that will not stress your finances or your time.


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    • julianamontgomery profile image

      julianamontgomery 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. I added into the article info about traditional menu items for baby showers (cheese and crackers, fruit tray, vegetable tray).

    • nowickchilly profile image

      nowickchilly 6 years ago

      Great advice on planning, maybe suggest a few menu items that you use in the traditional category to help people.