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Planning For the 2011 Halloween’ Night in London

Updated on July 5, 2013
Sulking Pumpkin
Sulking Pumpkin
Scary Halloween!
Scary Halloween!

Planning For the 2011 Halloween’ Night in London

Halloween’s Night is not about something different, it is something spooky and scary. The day is again lurking around, and making people think harder than the last year, about the prospects of a party. If you have been attending the parties last year, then pick up the cue. Your friends are expecting you to throw party this year. If you don’t want to get lost among in the crowd, then choose to be different, and have a most vibrant celebration planned by you. Here are a few ideas to help you on a Halloween’s celebration. There are a lot of things to be considered. Start planning:

Planning For The Venue

It is very crucial to start looking for Halloween party venues in London right now. As the days will edge closer to the dates, there will be lesser choice left for you to pick from. Decides for what sort of venue you require, and where. And see if the options match your budget requirements. However, you can have a very brilliant party planned in central London. With the most luxurious choice available for you in the heart of the city, you can pick venues with just the perfect capacity.

How would you scare your guest this Halloween?

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Planning The Theme

Planning a theme for the Halloween’s party is very crucial. With most interesting party themes, this party is going to let the people celebrate with grotesque interests reflected in the costumes. You can plan the night with horrific ideas of ghostly costumes, or rather have a special theme picked. Most popular themes for Halloween’s Night this year would be:

  • · Harry Potter
  • · Avtaar
  • · Shrek
  • · Animal Animations
  • · Alien Animations
  • · From The Clandestine Pages of History
  • · Only For Vampires and Werewolves
  • · Twilight

Halloween Decor Ideas

For the Settings You Can Stalk These Scenarios

  • · Ornithology
  • · Darkness
  • · Arcatic Animals
  • · Magic
  • · Graveyards
  • · Hades World
  • · Mad Scientist’s Laboratory
  • · Mysteries
  • · History
  • · Pick Up A Shakespearean Play

Decorations At The Halloween’s Night

  • · Witchcraft Decorations
  • · Pumpkin
  • · Creepy Characters
  • · Skulls
  • · Spider webs
  • · Bones & Blood (red wine)

Top Suggestions On How To Create A Halloween’s Day Spook

It is easy to create a ruckus on Halloween’s Night, through a most vivacious scheme of ideas and arrangements, that create a ruckus for your guests. The primary requirement of the day’s celebration is a spacious venue, where you can give shape to all your plans. Get really scary on this day, with...

Scary Music

Scary music in an haunted space can actually give Goosebumps to anyone! Fill the ambiance of your venue with a suitable scary music, that goes well with the theme of your Halloween’s. There are some brilliant tracks for the Halloween’s Night for the visitors. At least in music, the guests would be expecting some dance tracks, but surprise them with scary music instead! As the party moves on, you can eventually switch to dance numbers.

Halloween High-Tech Costume Ideas

Halloween’s day Pranks

Halloween’s Day pranks can make it most suitably gripping for partiers. Play pranks, but make sure they don’t edge murderous. Have the venue dimly lit, with pranks and horrors on every other step. Place coffins, o play a mad Scientist, bent on testing a few concoctions on the guests. And make food as realistically horrific. Besides, you can also try to recreate Miss Havisham’s Bridal evening from “Great Expectations” novel by Charles Dickens. Have the cakes and feast laden with cobwebs and insects. Hosts can move about in an old murky bridal dress, to represent Miss Havisham.

Gain the Spook Through Horror Stories

This last but unfailing technique can bring a spook at the celebration. Give a space to real life experiences of people with spook and horror. This can make the Halloween’s Night a real experience and an encounter with horror! Tell people about this experience sharing session on the invitations cards only. This shall prepare them, with enough time for thought.

Play a Horror DVD

A short while for a horror DVD shall be an experience and that too with horror hidden within. It will be a relentless spook for the guests. If you have something really interesting about Halloween’s, then you can bring on a slide show of Halloween.

Think About a Scary Venue

A scary venue in London is not hard t find. There are some remarkable venues in London, which would prove to be the best select. How about the Tower of London? Or maybe a three floor under the ground venue like the Club Ten opposite to St Paul’s Cathedral? While Tower of London can be a historically perfect setting with a smell of blood and haunt, Club Ten could be a perfect dungeon on the way to earth’s core!

Halloween’s Night is on 31st of October 2011, and party venues have been decided, which will be thriving with most un-sonorous music and giddy costumes. And all the venues will be coming with their own style, in horrifying the visitors. Moreover, these events and parties will be taking place in major spaces of the city, with a history that echoes in their premises. See the major reasons why you should be travelling to London, and staying at one of the leisurely hotels in London


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    • miss_jkim profile image

      miss_jkim 6 years ago

      Wow, talk about getting a head start. (No pun intended) Your party should be a blowout if you are starting now.