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Planning a Baby Shower With Food for Under $100

Updated on January 28, 2021
tinahanna7 profile image

I am a mother of 7 children and I hope my articles will help all parents deal with their children or expecting parents with questions.

Man have I done a few of these....

 Now because I have 7 children of my own plus I have 2 grandchildren that we did showers for. This area is a little known to me. But even in these short on cash times you can plan a really nice baby shower and not spend over $100. I have done it several times.

The trick is to take advantage of free things on the internet. There are several sites that you can get free games and ideas from.  My favorite place to shop in the world is the DOLLAR TREE. Depending on where you live it might have a different name, but still everything in the store is a $1. And the possibilities are almost endless in there. From Bedknobs to broomsticks and anything in between.


Baby Shower for under $100

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Where in the world to start....

Well first things first....You will need to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Now if the parents don't want to know then just find out what theme they will be doing the baby's room in. There are a lot of different themes you can do for a baby shower. It can be either strictly "It's a boy" or "It's a Girl" type theme or you can be really creative and choose a specific type like noah's ark or baby looney tunes, etc. But first just try to pick something the mother to be will like. A lot of people try to keep a baby shower secret, but you don't have to do that. Get the new mommy involved, it might even help the process.

Now the pictures above are of my 22 year old baby shower for her son. She only has 1 thank god. We bought all the decorations from the dollar tree. Including the balloons and her lovely hat.

The food & games.

There are endless websites where you can find free baby shower games and even some good ideas if your having trouble finding something fresh to do.

Most of the food is really easy to fix and if you do it yourself it comes out cheaper and you can offer a bigger variety of items. I pretty much stick to finger foods like pigs in a blanket, ham & cheese rolls, Bagel pizzas, Cocktail sausages, Chicken nuggets. Anything on those lines work real easy and quick to fix.

Now when it comes to the cakes part cupcakes work really well. You can make them yourself and display them on a cupcake tree with a lot of decorations to make it look professional.

Now the fun part...GAMES.

The most common games are baby bingo, poop diaper, guess the baby food, etc. There are several places that offer free baby shower games to print online. I have added the links below for you to find easier.

I prefer the memory game. You start by having the grandma to be place 5 objects on a tray and show around the room to everyone. Now when she leaves the room you ask a series of questions regarding what the grandma to be was wearing. It's a great mind trick because everyone will be concentrating on what's on the tray and not on her. It's really fun.

Most people choose to do between 3-5 games with gifts for all game winners. I purchase all my gifts from the dollar tree or dollar general. They have a lovely collection of lotions, candles, bath stuff, flowers, just about anything you can think of for a small gift. The gift bags can be bought in a multi pack for extra savings.

Finishing touches....

Now there are a few things that are just cute little notions to add that are still inexpensive but add flair to your baby shower.

First a small door prize game...There are several to choose from.

Poopy diaper---You fix a diaper made from napkins and one diaper has a small brown spot in it. Everyone gets a diaper as soon as they get there. Whoever has the brown spot wins.

Baby shower bouquet--You can create a small corsage made with a few small flowers wrapped with napkins that match the shower. Inside one of the corsages is a small token of some type ( keeping with the theme, baby rattle,pacifier). Small notion size like for wrapping gifts is perfect. And of course whoever has that inside their corsage wins.

There are several ideas include for that on those links above. Depending on what you are doing and the time of year you are doing it.

Now most showers have favor bags or something on that line for everyone to take home. The little lace dollies work good for filling candy with and tie it with a small ribbon. They are really cheap to make and you can make them look really cute.

Now of course you can not forget the mommy to be hat. We take a paper plate (an actual paper not foam) and add all the bows from all the present s to it and the mommy to be has to wear it through the rest of the baby shower. It's really something fun and cute for the mommy to be to get included.


Building a Beautiful Diaper Cake


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