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Play Kitchens - Christmas Gift For Girls - Creative Play for Kids

Updated on November 24, 2013

Deciding on a gift for your child

I know it can be hard to decide what kind of gift to get our children. We want something that they will enjoy and have fun playing with. Lots of times we buy gifts and a week later they are stashed away in the closet never to be seen again. Lets face it, sometimes our gifts flop! One gift that I have bought for my child that was a winner and worth spending the money was a toy kitchen.

In my experience play kitchens and accessories are great for girls of all ages and they will play with these for hours. Play kitchens usually have so many gadgets and gizmos that keep the child occupied and thinking! Even now my ten year old child will play with kitchens. She will prepare the food and serve it. She will create shopping lists and play store. I personally love when she plays creative games. Now a days, everything has to do with technology and kids no longer play creatively like I use to as a child.

You can find some great play kitchens here.


Choosing a Play Kitchen

Play kitchens come in all different sizes for different ages. They have really small ones that are great for little ones who are learning to explore. They also have really large ones with doors that open, cabinets with storage space and kitchen sound effects. Your child will love playing and using their imagination.

Some of these kitchens come with accessories, but I would buy extra. They have all sorts of plastic kitchen items you can buy like utensils, food, cups, plates, and gadgets. These items are usually pretty inexpensive!

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Kids Being Creative

Now I would like to go back track a little and talk about our children using their imaginations. Young kids now of course know a lot more about technology than we did at their age, but I find that because of this it is getting harder and harder to find things that do not bore our children. At eight years old I loved playing with dolls and board games. An 8 years old now wants an iPad or a computer to keep them occupied. Of course I think it is great that children are becoming savvy at an early age, they are going to need it when they are older, but I also think that it is important for children to use their own imaginations, to be able to create ideas on their own. Being able to play make believe is a wonderful thing!

Other Creative Ideas for Kids - Arts and Crafts

I am a big fan of arts and crafts. My daughter has created lots of wonderful things using her imagination and materials around the house.

Her latest project was made out of plastic water bottles. She saved the empty water bottles and made organizers out of them.

First she cut off the top and made it more of a cup. She then used paper, string, stickers, decorative tape, materials or what ever craft item she had to decorate the outside of the water bottles. They came out great and now she has all of her markers, pencils, glue sticks and pens separated.

I love having an art wall. It is a wall filled with pictures that my child has colored or created. Not only can I see all the wonderful things she has made, it also makes her feel very proud of the work that she has done.

During each holiday season, she make pictures or projects that have to do with that specific holiday. We use those things as decorations for the house.

I am also a big fan of those creative sets that they sell. They have sets for making jewelry, sewing, painting and much more.

You can also go to a craft store and buy unpainted figurines. They have so many different types. They even have children's favorite characters. These are fun to paint and you can use them to decorate their room.

Below, is a picture of one of the pencil organizers she made. Cute!

Let Kids be Kids

When in comes down to it, I believe that children tend to have to deal with a lot of pressures and problems that years ago young kids did not have to deal with. Having a child going through elementary school you see how much pressure there is on children now and how "adult" kids are acting.

It is time to bring childhood back for children. Play pretend, play in the dirt, have fun. Kids have plenty of time to be adults later on!


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