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Poetry for Wife on Women's Day

Updated on June 29, 2017

On women's day

Welcome to our ladies
Wondering what gift to give
Salary wives daily manager
Private funds are out of debt
Clawed, sat thinking
Okay, give your wife some funny poetry
Poetry as someone tells you
I'm introducing my wife
Wife is a human child
The wife spawned himself very happy
His wife is a waterman
Oh or why back together
Is a warm winter breath
Cool skin in the summer
Is a bronze shield
Is a rose flower blooming pink
Wife is immense sea
Wife is the continuation of the house of her husband
Is joy in heart
The sadness of sharing is shed
Wife is happy future
If no wife takes anyone to rely on
Wife to do connection
Say do not be stupid, boo
Advise people not to have you
His wife is a detective who will soon
Do not risk, hands are empty
Jealousy, itching away from home
My wife is our cold rice
Is specialty noodle neighbor guy
Love money deviation
Wishing the moonlight wind his wife to bow
Wife is mother, wife is grandma
He is both a treasurer and a storekeeper
Hundreds of things to worry about
Title, position of wife to the largest home
This world is empty of women
Then men live nothing
I am a man
Poetry whispering wife at home
Many things I did not say
Live belly to die is to carry


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    • Jackovu profile image

      Jacko 6 months ago from Usa

      the best