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Political Correctness Gone Amok

Updated on December 23, 2009

In Sonoma County

 Like many other times and in many other places across America, it seems it only takes one atheist or other fringe group to impinge on the majority rights, one little complaint and the government agency or or controlling body bends over backwards to accommodate at the expense of mine and other's rights.

In Sonoma County, California, a single elderly athesist complained about the frickin' angels and stars on a Christmas tree in one of the county buildings. This was not a young jerk seeking to fulfill his agenda-to prove their point and shove their beliefs down the majority throats like many do. This man simply voiced his concern about how the Constitution had a separation of Church and State and that the county government offices with their Christmas trees and decorations seem to blur that line.

Blur the line?

The County quickly communicated this to their department heads and the stars and angels adorning the trees vanished because the County feared a lawsuit, although, the man never even implied that one would be filed.

As a nation, we have too often accommodated the fringe elements in the past 30 years, at the expense of the majority of Americans that tolerate each others customs and beliefs. We have assimilated them into our own culture (like Cinco de Mayo, which Mexicans find amusing that Americans celebrate, yet Mexico does not celebrate July 4th).  Political correctness is fine when it comes to derogatory words about race or people but religion does play a part of every culture in all nations and to allow fringe jerks who think God does not exist or Satan worshippers, let alone, other not so extreme religions dictate to the majority of Americans how they should celebrate their religious beliefs is a system gone amok.

Amok through fear. Fear of a lawsuit. Had the early cases been resolved without accomodating these people, it would not be happening. Think about how many of our rights have been degraded because of this. Call someone a fag who is gay may get you into trouble, but what about the freedom of speech and expression?  The word Gay to mean a homosexual only has been used in that manner since the 70s, before that, Gay meant, well, happy. Now, one NEVER hears that word used in that context. Weird.

We have become a country with confined liberties under the Constitution. Sure, we have Freedom of Speech, as long as you are careful what you say. Sure, we have Freedom o Religion, as long as someone or group does not cry about it claiming it is "unfair" and threatens a lawsuit so they get what they want.

Think about it. The 65 yr old man who was offended by Christmas trees in the county offices having angles and stars, what happened? Did he suddenly become enraged at the injustice after 65 yrs? What did he do in the prior 64 yrs about it? Nothing.  Does he really oppose stars and angels? At all times of the year? Just in December? Who said stars and angles are religious symbols, anyway?  So what? What happened to tolerance of others beliefs? It should happen both ways with all religious groups, they should not be allowed to erode any one's beliefs via a threatening lawsuit. That is the problem with accommodation. If you start doing it and allowing fringe groups to win in court, the door opens for others and the result is an erosion of my and your rights.

Sonoma Country should have listened to the man's complaint but done nothing about it. He is in the minority and he was allowed to express his concern. However, Sonoma County acted like a dog with its tail between its legs- scared shitless of a lawsuit and let one old man ruin Christmas for most others. That is poltical correctness amok.

It seems that as some groups have their rights recognized, it is at the expense of many others, like you and me.



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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 8 years ago

      interesting idea.......

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

      The government is the people. This is a democracy. The government buildings belong to the people. In order to be fair...divide the religions and non-religious people of the community into percentages. Each group can have that percentage of allotted ground on the property during holidays.

      That should fall withing the law.