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Commercialism vs. Christmas...What's wrong with this picture?

Updated on November 29, 2012

What's on my mind?

What's on mind? Gosh, where do I begin. Let's start with the past election. HMMMMMN...? If I heard correctly, $60 billion was spent in advertising for both candidates. With an already fledgling economy, does any one see something wrong with this picture? I do. Our national debt is in the tank (trillions of dollars). What message is our government trying to convey to its constituents? It's okay to spend money don't have? Think of where that money could have been used to bolster our economy: to build upon an education system that is slowly but surely eroding; and to bridge the retirement gap between the "baby boomer" generation with the next generation.

If that is not enough, then let's consider the commercialism that is found in Christmas. I have a hard time digesting the concept of "Black Friday." Sure, it is a great way for people to go out and spend money on gifts--but it is also a means by which businesses entice people to spend money they do not have. We have allowed ourselves to be deceived into believing that love runs parallel and paramount to purchasing gifts. That's hogwash! I have learned a long time ago not to put myself and family into a financial crisis. The sacredness of the season has been lost. And the only savior people come to worship is not the Savior found in the manger, but rather the savings they find in a mall.

Speaking of a Savior! Isn't ironic how the birth of Christ is no longer relevant? Stores are no longer allowed to wish their customers a "Merry Christmas" but rather "Happy Holidays." Yet, they have no problem in seeking to make financial gains for the symbolism associated with the presenting of gifts. Something just does not speak right to my heart. And now I read how a city has removed it's nativity scene just because of few are offended. Well, I am sorry. There are many things that offend me: such as some of the programming on today's television; some of the entertainment that are children are exposed too whether it be in the field of music and/or movies. Yet, the entertainment industry continues to pollute the minds of our children. And that's okay? No, no it is not.

And then there is the issue of God! Does not our very own constitution guarantee us the right to religion. Yet, God is removed from almost every aspect of our lives. First they removed prayer from school; then they removed Him from the courts (people no longer have to say "So help me God"), and the Ten Commandments, the foundation for our laws, have been eradicated from the courts.

For heaven's sake, does any one else see the perils that possibly lay ahead, or am I the only one? Don't be afraid to answer. Believe me, I won't be offended.


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