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Popsugar Must Have Winter Limited Edition Box - Christmas 2013 Review

Updated on March 9, 2014
Popsugar Must Have Special Edition
Popsugar Must Have Special Edition

If you're interested, follow this link to sign up for the monthly Popsugar Must Have box! Use coupon MARCH10 to get $10 off.


The Popsugar must have box is a lifestyle box sent to your door every month for $40 (per month). The box contains a variety of items targeted toward women. Items include fashion, accessories, makeup, food and home items. The editors of Popsugar handpick the items.

Every few months, Popsugar also introduces limited edition boxes. These boxes are more expensive, but they contain higher quality items. The box I'm reviewing today is the Limited Edition Holiday 2013 box. The cost of the box was $100.

Fatty Sunday pretzels
Fatty Sunday pretzels

Fatty Sundays

The first item in the box is the must have food item - Fatty Sundays Peppermint pretzels. These pretzels were amazing! They had the perfect balance of chocolate and peppermint. I couldn't help but eat all these in one setting. I reluctantly shared them with my husband, though.

Erickson Beamon Rocks

The second item is a bangle. This particular bangle is from Erickson Beamon Rocks. The estimated value is around $70. It is a large bangle with lots of stones, which is perfect for the holiday season.

Tokyomilk & Winks

A full container of Tokyomilk body souffle was included in the box. The container is heavy and seriously feels like a luxury item. The body souffle retails for $40 at Sephora, so it is quite pricy for a body item. The scent is light and very woodsy.

The second item in the picture is a set of false lashes by Winks by George. I got #3 which are suppose to transform you into a "movie star," so these would look quite fake if I wore them.


Included in the box was an alpaca scarf, which retails for $78. It's super soft and luxurious. Since it is so thick and warm, it is perfect for winter weather.


A Lunares cheese board was included. It's quite small, which is probably the point, since it is a cheese board. It comes with a knife and would be perfect for serving cheese. I don't have parties in my home, so I am gifting this cheese board, but it looks very nice and classy.

Graphic Image 2014 Databook

The last item is a Graphic Image 2014 Databook. It is a leather planner which looks absolutely gorgeous, but sadly I don't have any use for it. Thankfully, since it is a $70 item, it will make an impressive gift for someone this Christmas.


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