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Popular Gift Ideas For Young (preteen) Boys

Updated on September 12, 2013

Even if we know a person very well it can be difficult to purchase gifts for them. Sometimes we're lucky enough to get ideas on our own and sometimes we're even given a list from the young boy we're shopping for. However, sometimes we can't come up with ideas and sometimes the gifts we're asked for are out of reach or can't be found. This list of gift ideas for young (preteen) boys will lead you on the right path to the perfect present. If you don't find the ideas listed here to your liking, hopefully it will lend some inspiration.

Remember that it is already wonderful that you're hunting for just the right gift. They will surely be happy with whatever you end up choosing. Whether the gift is for a birthday, holiday, or other celebration, many of the presents listed below would be suitable for just about any occasion.

For the sake of this article, we will refer to young, preteen boys as males aged 10-12 give or take a year. it is typically defined as the years just before an individual reaches their teen years.

Sports Cards and Memorabilia

Sports cards and sport memorabilia are popular among people of all ages but a lot of young boys are really into sports and collecting various items related to sports.

If you know what the young boy's favorite teams are it makes this job even easier. There are millions of items you can get that are team related. For instance, there is clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters, pajamas, hats, and even socks with team emblems on them. There are also items such as trash cans, blankets, carpets, and decorative collectibles.

If you don't know what the boy's favorite teams are but you know that they're a sports fan, you can simply go with a box of cards or several packs of cards. You can find both new and old sets online, sports shops, and some department stores.

Candy and Chocolate

Pretty much everybody likes some form of candy or chocolate and with young boys you really can't go wrong with this type of present. If you know what type of candy or chocolate they like then all the better. If not, there are various options you can choose from.

You can make a candy or chocolate gift basket or purchase a premade one with a variety of tasty treats inside. You can find unique and specialty candies in several stores as well as online and surprise them with something they've never seen before.

Video Games

Video games make excellent gifts because a large majority of young boys play them and they are hugely popular. As well, a lot of young boys can't afford to purchase them with their own savings.

It's important to know which type of video games to purchase. You will need to know what type of console or gaming system that they are using to ensure the game is the proper format. As well, it would be very helpful to know which games they currently own already. You don't want to purchase duplicates.

Address Books

Address books are a great, practical present for young boys because it helps them to keep track of their important numbers and addresses without having to rely on others to remember or keeping scraps of paper around with random phone numbers and addresses.

As young boys meet new friends through school, outings, and various activities, they can easily keep track of them. It's could also be useful to have the number and addresses of family members, health professionals, and emergency numbers. Chances are that this gift would be used quite often and for quite a long time.

Exersize and Sports Equipment

Exercise and sports equipment isn't just fun, it's beneficial to a person's health and well being. There are a number of items you can purchase that are related to sports.

For instance, if you know which sport the child plays, you may decide to purchase an item related to that sport such as a ball, gloves, bat, racket, and so forth.

Even if they don't currently play a particular sport there are plenty of sporting good options that young boys would love to receive. Just about any type of ball is entertaining and useful in some way. Basketballs are particularly great because you do not need multiple people in order to enjoy it.

Art and Craft Items

There are a ton of different art and craft items that you can choose as gifts. If you know that the young boy you are shopping for enjoys artistic or creative activities you can shop with that in mind.

A nice set of pencils, colored pens, or other drawing tools make great gifts for boys that enjoy drawing or sketching. There are also books that teach individuals how to draw and sketch certain objects and animated characters.

If they spend time on a computer and enjoy drawing, a stylus would make a useful and enjoyable present.

Telescopes and Scientific Tools

Telescopes and scientific tools make great gifts and they're very popular, particularly among young boys. They are both useful and fun! There are a number of these types of items to choose from. Telescopes come in a variety of styles, brands, and price ranges. You can find them for relatively low prices up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There is also a variety of scientific tools that young boys can use, enjoy, and learn from. Chemistry sets, for instance, are fairly common and contain several different tools and items that can be used for different things. They are an excellent learning tool and a popular gift because of how much fun they can be.

Organizational Items

Organizational items such as file cabinets, bins, shelves, and other objects are useful for everyone and make excellent presents for a variety of occasions. Young boys enjoy having their own personal space where they can keep things that are important to them. A file cabinet or storage bin to help them store and organize their items is practical and useful.

They can keep projects they've done in school, art the've created, report cards, love notes, and a variety of other items that can be enjoyed years later. It's nice to store your memories and precious objects. It's great to have a safe place to do this.

Remote Controlled Vehicles

Remote controlled vehicles have been around for years and they have always been treasured. Nowadays you can find remote controlled vehicles of all sorts. There are remote controlled cars, helicopters, boats, and a variety of others. They even have flying sharks and fish!

People of all ages enjoy playing with remote controlled vehicles but young boys particularly have fun with them. They're also fairly easy to find. A number of specialty stores, departments stores, and online stores carry these items. The toughest part will be deciding which one to get.

Sleepwear and Bedding

Sleepwear and bedding may seem like a boring gift for some young boys but it can actually be quite enjoyable and very useful. Everyone needs a good night's sleep and it's much easier to get that when you're comfortable.

A nice pair of pajamas, slippers, or a soft and comfortable pillow or blanket set can make great gifts for people of all ages. A lot of young boys don't think to ask for these items as gifts so you may not even consider them.


Watches are good gift for older children as they start to become more mature. Although there are watches made for very young children, they aren't often used for a variety of reason. However, as children begin to age, it is important for them to keep track of time. They are now old enough to understand and read time. It makes it easier for kids to keep track of curfews among other important times and deadlines. Not to mention, they can be very stylish.

Watches can be excellent gifts for practical purposes but they can also become keepsakes and heirlooms.

Calendars and Date Books

Calendars and date books make great gifts for young people because, if they haven't already begun, they can start to keep track of their own appointments and special dates. They can write down school events, sport practices, birthdays, doctor's appointments, and a bunch of other dates that are important to them. A lot of people, particularly young ones, enjoy the anticipation of certain dates and can use a calendar or date book to help track of them. It helps them to learn to prepare and it's also fun.

Reference Books

Reference books make great presents for people of all ages and for a variety of occasions. Reference books are both useful and enjoyable gifts as they can be read several times and even kept as keepsakes.

If the young boy that you're shopping for has a particular interest it makes this decision even easier. There are reference books for just about any topic imaginable. Even if you're unsure of which topic you should choose, there are reference books that deal with a variety of interesting topics. Historical books, space related books, and a number of other topics can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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