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Practical and Useful Gifts for Zombie Lovers

Updated on August 22, 2014
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Nerd, cinephile, TV-junky, research-loving, left-leaning, science-fiending, atheist from the gutter. Follow me on Twitter @TheGutterMonkey.

Let the Living Dead into Your Every Day Lives

While it's true that Halloween may be over, that doesn't mean that all us zombie loving maniacs have to ditch our living dead paraphernalia just yet. In fact, from cookie jars, to slipers, to candles, and even saltshakers and doggy toys, there are plenty of fun, practical, and useful zombie goodies that we can easily incorporate into our lives all year long!

Whether you're getting them as a gift for someone else or just trying to zombify your own humble abode, there's zombie clothing, appliances, and homeware for all year long.

Zombie Cookie Jar - Who knew zombies were chip for brains!?

Zombie Head Cookie Jar
Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Delicious chocolate chips braiinnnz. Do you think that if zombies had enough presence of mind to cook, that they'd bake things out of brains? We can imagine there being zombie bakeries, where they whip up brain-shaped cupcakes with frosting made from blended parietal lobe. (Don't knock it until you've tried it. It really adds a certain zing to cream cheese frosting. Way better than nutmeg, IMNSHO.) And of course, there'd have to be chocolate chip cookies with chunks of medulla oblongata. OMG, delish. Are you hungry all of the sudden? We are... Just crack open this zombie head, reach inside, and grab some cookies. We recommend at least 3. You don't taste the first one, the second one is good but leaves you hungry, and the third one is the most satisfying. Maybe four cookies if you're extra hungry, but five is right out. You want to stay fit enough to do your cardio (rule #1).


Zombie Foot Doggy Chew Toy - Here, boy! Play dead!

Zombie Foot Dog Toy (By GAMAGO)
Zombie Foot Dog Toy (By GAMAGO)

The zombie foot dog toy will prep your pooch for the zombie apocalypse. This is a squishy vinyl dog chew toy that looks remarkably like the detached foot of a small zombie. Includes squeaker.

Great for gift giving.

The perfect size for a small or large dog.

Easy to clean vinyl.


Zombie Themed Bathroom - Just when you thought your bathroom couldn't get anymore frightening!

Amscan Halloween Zombie Scream Dripping Blood Toilet Topper Scene Setter Decoration Grabber Vinyl Cover
Amscan Halloween Zombie Scream Dripping Blood Toilet Topper Scene Setter Decoration Grabber Vinyl Cover

Watch where you plant your... ahhh Zombies!!!!! This cool Zombie Toilet Seat Grabber is perfect for the home or office. Includes one cover for the seat and bonus drips of blood for the tank.

Bloody Shower Curtain 70x72"
Bloody Shower Curtain 70x72"

Fully functional.

70 x 72 inches.

Great for Halloween parties or haunted houses.

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Bath Mat
Spinning Hat Blood Bath Bath Mat

Bath mat features bloody foot prints.

Turn your bathroom into the set of a horror film.

Acrylic rug with non-slip backing.

Measures 27.5 x 19.5-inches.

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel
Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel

Towel features blood stained hand prints.

Turn your bathroom into the set of a horror film.

Blood bath shower curtain and bath mat available separately.

Made of 100% cotton.

Measures 16 by 29-1/2-inch.


Zombie Survival Lunchbox

Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Tin Fun Box
Aquarius Zombie Survival Large Tin Fun Box

When you need a lunchbox to carry your lunch or a survival kit to weather the zombie apocalypse look no further than the Zombie Suvival Kit Lunchbox, a tin lunchbox that is covered with zombie warning symbols!


Zombie Handbag - Scary yet feminine

Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Dead Broke Monster Vegan Handbag Purse Green and Black
Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Dead Broke Monster Vegan Handbag Purse Green and Black

Zipper closure.

Do you have your zombie wallet yet? Because here is the matching zombie purse that we have been waiting for. Scary yet feminine. How could this be? Each of the handle straps have black satiny bows

Front features Iron Fist's green zombie with two zippers with real pockets on the front that look like scars

Main compartment has full zipper closure. Interior is slightly padded and the interior is fully lined in black. Two open pockets and one zippered interior pocket

18 in across top, 14 in across bottom, 13.5 inches tall, and 4.5 wide base. Strap drop measures 7 inches.



More Feminine Zombie Goodies! - You know you want it, ladies

Zombie Door Stop - Stop that squeaky door in its tracks!

Zombie Door Stop (Sitting)
Zombie Door Stop (Sitting)

Doorstop shaped like a sitting zombie, squished by the door

Works on all kinds of floor (carpet, wood, concrete, laminate, etc.)

Exquisite level of gory details - Handcrafted by local indie artist

Material: tough urethane resin with 1/8" thick rubber padding for tight grip


Zombie Slippers

Toy Vault Zombies Afoot Plush Slippers
Toy Vault Zombies Afoot Plush Slippers

The screams outside awaken you. Hurredly, you hop from your bed and slink into your soothing, soft slippers. Racing for the door, they give hard tug, as if caught on splinter. You pull and they rip and snap, sending you plummeting to the ground. That's when you notice the squirming, squishing, suckling feeling at your heels. Frightened, you look down your trembling legs and you realize that you're slowly being digested by the beheaded undead. You're now wearing your new pair of zombies afoot slippers.


Zmobie Mugs, Glasses, and Shot Glasses

The Return of the Living Dead
The Return of the Living Dead

While there are many things which make this film a classic - the 80's death metal, punk rock soundtrack; the beginning of the now-renown zombie craving for "Brrraaaaiiiinnns," and so on and so forth - one thing stands out above all others: the perpetual gratuitous nudity of the redheaded, punk rocking goddess, Trash. Call me shallow if you like, but that alone makes this a Halloween favorite (and a Christmas favorite, and an Easter favorite, and a Columbus Day favorite, and a Hanukah favorite, and Tuesday favorite...).

Dawn of the Dead (Special Divimax Edition)
Dawn of the Dead (Special Divimax Edition)

It may not be as terrifying as the original Night of the Living Dead film, but this movie nevertheless remains to be a staple of the zombie genre. Heavy in gore, laughs, scares, claustrophobia, and character development, Dawn of the Dead literally changed the way zombies were to forever to be viewed.

Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead

Unlike most horror films which came before it, Dead voids itself of all hope, heroism, optimism and humor, and focuses strictly on the unrestrained, unadulterated nihilistic horror that only a disillusioning zombie apocalypse can provide. It not only gave birth to a new genre in horror, it changed the way the whole game would forever be played.


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    • tiagodamiao profile image

      Tiago DamiĆ£o 3 years ago from Torres Novas

      Some gifts for my girlfriend. Good hub :D

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      The zombie bikini is too funny!

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 4 years ago

      The Mummy and Deady salt and pepper shaker set is funny! I had to chuckle when I saw that.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      Love the zombie slippers and shoes!

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

      Thumbs up for zombies!

    • banapple profile image

      banapple 5 years ago

      I am a huge zombie fan and love everything on this page! Thanks for all the great ideas.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      These are must have gifts for zombie fans.