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Princess Jasmine Costume - Buy Authentic Disney Halloween Costumes for Adults, Girls and Toddlers on Sale

Updated on January 30, 2011

Princess Jasmine Costume

Are you looking for a Princess Jasmine costume for your next Halloween event on sale? Here you will find Disney Princess Jasmine costumes for women (adult size) and girls, as well as accessories to make your attire really stand out. You’ll find the perfect wigs and genie lamps to go with your Princess Jasmine costume too. Are you looking for an Aladdin costume for men? You’ll also find Aladdin costumes on this page for sale if plan to go out with your partner and do the couple’s thing on Halloween. All of the awesome products found on throughout this page come from --- this is to insure that you are buying from a reputable, well known online store and getting great prices for your Princess Jasmine costume Halloween needs.

Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine Costume for Girls - Classic Halloween Style

Buy this official Disney licensed Princess Jasmine costume for girls. This costume is a vibrant blue color that comes with the top, pants and the headpiece. It also features gold glitter material for additional effect that goes around the waist. This Jasmine Halloween costume also features gold trim around the bottom on the top portion of the attire. Pants are the same balloon style as seen in Disney's Aladdin. This Princess Jasmine costume comes in two different sizes --- choose from small, which is sized between a 4 through 6 or Medium that's sized 7 to 8. Check out the above Amazon links to buy the Princess Jasmine costume in blue at discounted prices. If you're looking for the purple outfit that Jasmine wears in Aladdin, check out the Deluxe Jasmine Halloween costume below on this page. The Deluxe Princess Jasmine costume also is made with additional material for parents who do not want their daughter's mid drift showing.

Princess Jasmine Slippers

Buy Princess Jasmine Deluxe Slippers from Amazon Below

About Princess Jasmine Deluxe Slippers

The Princess Jasmine slippers are perfect for girls from the ages of 3 to 5 --- these slippers are 7 inches from heel to toe; therefore, they would not be appropriate in sizing for older girls. They fit shoe sizes: toddler 10 to 12. These unique slippers are gold colored with purple gems for added décor. The gold foil-like shoes also feature a pretty blue design throughout with the famous princess centered on the top of slippers. Pair these perfect shoes for your little girl's Halloween attire in the toddler classic blue or purple deluxe Princess Jasmine costume.

Adult Princess Jasmine Costume

About the Princess Jasmine Costume: Adult Size

Anyone who grew up when Disney's Aladdin was first released will appreciate this beautiful looking Princess Jasmine costume for Halloween. You can get this glamorous costume in medium or large sizes under the first Amazon link at the top. A medium will fit most individuals who smaller to medium in frame, such as an 8 to 10 in dress size. A large will fit women that wear a 12 to 14 normal size comfortably. This awesome Jasmine Halloween costume comes with turquoise blue balloon pants and matching crop top trimmed in glittery gold. It also comes with a matching headband, just like the princess wears in Aladdin. Check out the Amazon links above to buy this costume style for your next Halloween event. You can also find appropriate black wigs, genie lamps and a matching Aladdin costume to stick your partner in to go as a couple.

Aladdin Genie Lamp Halloween Prop

Buy a Genie Lamp from Amazon Below

Genie Lamp Props for Princess Jasmine Costume

Pick up a genie lamp above from Amazon to add to overall effect of your costume. Genie lamps are very cheap. Check out the links above.

Black Wig Idea for Disney's Jasmine Attire - Just Take Out the Feathers

Princess Jasmine Costume Wig

Of course if you plan on going in a Princess Jasmine costume, you are going to need hair to match your outfit. Check out the inexpensive wigs above to fit your dress up needs.

Toddler and Child Deluxe Princess Jasmine Costume

Buy a Purple Deluxe Princess Jasmine Costume Below from Amazon

About the Deluxe Purple Princess Jasmine Costume

Choose from tons of different sizes for you little girl when it comes to the Deluxe purple Princess Jasmine costume. This costume comes in both toddler and child sizes, as seen above under the Amazon links. This beautiful Halloween costume features nude like material that will cover your daughter's mid drift area, unlike the classical blue style that's found above. This costume style features the well known balloon pants decorated with purple sheer material. The entire costume is trimmed in gold and features the princess herself, just below the neckline. This unique costume also comes with a matching headpiece. Pair this beautiful Princess Jasmine costume with the slippers found above on this page for an authentic look.

Aladdin Adult Costume for Halloween - Men

Buy an Aladdin Adult Halloween Costume Below

About the Aladdin Adult Halloween Costume for Men

Pair your honey in this awesome Aladdin costume and go together as a couple to your Halloween event. This Aladdin Halloween costume comes with the turban, cape and the entire outfit pictured above for an authentic Disney look. Turn heads when you and your partner walk into the door together when you're in your Princess Jasmine costume and he is in this awesome Aladdin Disney attire. Check out the above Amazon links to buy this unique costume.

More Disney Costumes - Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie and More

Click here to see even more products on to complement your theme. You'll find over a hundred products and accessories to make your Princess Jasmine costume really stand out.

Princess Jasmine Costume


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