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Princess Party Ideas For Girls Themed Parties With Decorations

Updated on July 19, 2017

Princess Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas For Girls.

Party decorations can help make a little forgettable party into an awesome and magical party for every little Princess in the land. Girls themed party ideas can be as imaginative and fun filled as your own imagination will allow

. Princess party ideas can be very expensive, which is why it is important to control the costs, but not the quality.

Every little girl deserves to have the birthday party of their dreams without the fuss and hassle of knowing that it would be to expensive.

Disney themed party ideas for girls are usually the normal style, as there is just so much choice of characters for fancy dress costumes and thedecorations are pretty and very colorful.

Princess Party Ideas

A Princess party or Disney themed party for girls is an excellent idea. Girls love to dress up as Princesses and a fancy dress party is an ideal opportunity for them to shine.

The boys can dress up as a Prince, Knave, or even as a knight in shining armour.

The whole idea of a party is to entertain the kids without giving the home owners a headache and to relieve parents of their little cherubs for a few hours so they can get some peace.

Co-ordination is essential and the party can be excellent and the toast of the neighbourhood without actually shelling out a fortune.

Girls Themed Party Ideas

A themed girls party gives a direction for the party goers to ensure they are properly attired and will blend in. This helps shy children not to feel left out as nearly all guests will be wearing similar costumes. Some ideas for themes are:-

Mermaid Fancy Dress Costume

Disney Princess

Under The Sea

Cowgirls And Indians

Fairies And Angels

Cartoon Characters

Elves And Smurfs

Jungle Animals


Girl Super Heroes

Click the image to see full selection available.

Warning: Before deciding on an idea for a theme for a girls party, think about the amount of characters that could be in the theme. If the theme is Sleeping Beauty, nearly all the girls will be Sleeping Beauty, and many of them may have the same costumes.

This may upset some of them. Be imaginative and create a theme which allows many different characters to attend the party to give some variation.

Click on the image to view the full selection available

Chocolate Fountains

Nearly all kids are chocoholics. A party where a small yet visually stunning chocolate fountain is placed in a corner is a focal point of most parties.

Chocolate fountains provide an extra burst of energy for kids to further harass the party hosts. Fresh fruit, marshmallows, bread sticks and a massive assortment of food stuffs to dip in the chocolate can be placed around the fountain for the kids to help themselves. This is excellent for a girls party and will be the envy of her friends.

Bubble Machines

These make little girls squeak with delight. Placing a bubble machine securely on something high like a wall unit, with the wires hidden behind, is a very good idea.

The bubbles will either continuously, or at fixed intervals, flow through the room as the girls begin to dance about and pop them before they reach the floor.

It could be switched on every time the Birthday girls favourite song is played. That way after a couple of times, all the girls will know that when they hear that song, the bubble machine will begin dispersing bubbles and they will all flock to where the bubbles will be.

Click on the images to see the full selection available


A simple and cheap disco ball attached to the ceiling is an effective idea for evenings when it is dark outside. It adds a party feeling and may even get the girls dancing, it adds yet another party element which all the girls love.

No laser lights, strobes of black lights should ever be used at a kids themed party.

Kids Party Decorations / Home Made


WOW ! That is the word you need to hear as the guests arrive. The decorations of any function set the mood and the atmosphere for the entire event. Party decorations obviously need to follow the theme idea for the kids party.

Cardboard cut outs of characters should adorn the walls. These can be cut out of posters and stuck to cardboard. Or take a picture to the local printing shop and they will magnify the picture to the size you require.

Alternatively, you can draw and paint the pictures yourself onto 5 mm MDF. MDF is great for nearly everything and not very expensive. Cut out shapes of castles, Princesses, and cartoon characters, paint them and have them on walls.

A fantastic idea is to draw an approximately 3 foot high by 4 foot long carriage ( not the horses ) cut it out and paint it. Place these along the road to the party with the girls name on them. It helps build up the excitement as the kids approach.

Kids Party Games

All parties have party games. Party ideas for games can be simple leap frog in the garden. Before the party, go on-line and print out some free certificates, or make one up.

The certificates should be for winners of the games, simply write the winner on the certificate when you know who has won.

Try to give each child a certificate for anything by the end of the party, whether it is for dancing the best, being the cutest or the quietest child at the party. The kids will love them and there would be no animosity.

Although party games will help keep the kids amused, remember their attention span is smaller than adults. Play games which are short on time, have prizes at the end, and are fun.


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