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Princess Sofia The First Costumes - Dress Up As a Disney Princess!

Updated on October 29, 2013

Dress Up as Sofia The First!

I am always excited when a new character is introduced at Disney and Sophia is just adorable! What I like even more about the whole show is how it connects the Disney universe as it features all of our favourite princesses so what's not to love?

I can just see how this will be a big hit for birthday parties (we are planning it too!) and for Halloween!

Sofia Costume


Princess Sofia Costume

We will start off with the dress! I love purple! And I like how they did her outfit as it doesn't have too much detail and it still looks royal. The dress reminds me of a flower a lot.

I like the trim on the dress it almost looks like pearls.

I am not a fan of the cameo though. While I do think it is cute the dress has Sophia on it, since the outfit works best if she also has her medallion on it I think this looks a bit too much. But if you won't be getting the medallion this works out perfectly.

Still I am really satisfied with the way this costume looks, they kept most of the details as seen on the real Sophia (I have noticed sometimes official costumes tend to look, well not as they should) and I think every girl will love it and will be doing lots of pretend play.

What is the medallion's purpose?

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Sofia's Amulet - The Magical Purple Pendant

This little accessory is getting harder and harder to find so there is a chance you will have to be making it yourself or to settle with something similar. Hopefully they will re-release it before Halloween as I really think this amulet is the key in Sofia dress-up.

The original amulet prop is a light up (magical wouldn't you agree) and the pendant is filled with purple liquid with glitter added to it. If you ask me it looks as if the universe was captured in a small pendant.

Enchanted Tiara


Add a tiara and we have a princess!

Every princess needs a tiara and this is no different when it comes to Sofia.She has a silver tiara with pink and purple gemstones. I don't think there's an element to her tiara that would make her unique to Sophie so you should be okay using anything similar (I think these tiaras are running scarce also).

Clover Bunny Rabit - Can't Have A Costume Without Him


What I like about Princess Sophia the most

A little ordinary girl becomes a princess. I think this is something most of the little girls dream about. But with a dream comes responsibility and that is what this animated cartoon is all about. I really like how Sophia in order to be princess like must learn all kinds of things and is challenged at every step. It's like in real life, when you want something you will have to put some work into it. I think this cartoon has a good morale.


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