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Princess and Pirate Birthday Party and Cake Ideas

Updated on March 12, 2016

Princess and Pirate Invitations

Princess & Pirate Party

The Princess and Pirate Party is currently a very popular birthday party theme. This birthday theme brings to mind Jack Sparrow meeting the Disney Princesses. These Disney characters are so well loved that when you bring them together into one birthday celebration, the party is a big hit!

One reason for the popularity of this party theme is Walt Disney World's Mickey's Princess and Pirate Party attraction. This attraction allows Disney guests to become a pirate or a princess in the place where dreams come true! The adventure takes you throughout Magic Kingdom Park where you can enjoy pirate coves and princess courts. And, if you wish, you can even come to the party dressed in your favorite pirate or princess costume.

Birthday Parties where the Princess and Pirate Theme works perfectly:

1, A girl who wants a Princess theme party, but also would like to invite boys to her birthday party.

2. A boy who wants a Pirate theme party, but would also like to invite girls to his birthday party.

3. Boy/Girl siblings (or twins) that are sharing one birthday party.

So, have you read enough and would like to host your own Princess and Pirate birthday party? Read on for some great ideas on how to throw an awesome birthday celebration based on this party theme.

Princess and Pirates Party Packs


Princess and Pirates Party Supplies and Favors

A great idea for the partyware would be to combine the two party themes.

For example, purchase the Pirate Party Supplies and Princess Party Supplies. You can mix and match the two themes however you would like. There are af few different party packs to choose from for your celebration. Or, you could just purchase solid color tableware and accent with Pirate and Princess items.

The Princess and Pirates party d├ęcor can include both Princess and Pirate balloons and other deorations. I would also suggest getting a Princess and Pirate centerpiece and put them both on the party table as well.

Some people create one party favor for the Pirates (boys) and one party favor for the girls (Princesses). However, there is a problem that can occur by doing this. You may have a girl in attendance that is not that 'girly' and is not into the whole Princess thing. So, she may request a Pirate favor instead. This could cause a domino effect by other girls then beginning to 'chose' which favor they want and you would not have enough Pirate favors to go around. Therefore, I would recommend creating one party favor instead. Purchase small Pirate Treasure chests and fill with gold coins, candies, stickers, etc.

You will also find some fun personalized party supplies for this theme listed below including favor bag toppers, candy wrappers, crayon box labels and party bags. These would make a great addition to your Princess and Pirate Birthday Party!

Thank You Sticker

Unique Party Favor Tags

There is a large selection of Princess and Pirate party favor stickers on the market. These stickers come in a variety of unique designs.

Custom Favor Stickers

Princess and Pirates Cakes and Cupcakes

One idea would be to decorate a sheet cake with one half pink and the other half brown. Then, on one side of the cake put a large Princess crown or castle and on the other side put a treasure chest or Pirate's hat. The end result would look similar to the invitation pictured above with the two separate sides.

If the Princess is the guest of honor at the party, you could create a pink and girly treasure chest cake. Then decorate the treasure chest with Princess theme cake toppers, rhinestones and sprinkles. Or, you could bake a Pirate Princess cake with a skull and crossbones wearing a pink tiara!

Princess and Pirates Birthday Cakes

Princess Pirate Cake
Princess Pirate Cake | Source
Treasure Chest Cake
Treasure Chest Cake | Source

Princess & Pirate Party Games and Activities

There are many Princess Party and Pirate Party games and crafts you can incorporate into your birthday party. The treasure chest craft pictured here would be perfect since it combines a pirate chest with pretty Princess jewels.

More Princess and Pirates party games include:

Scavanger Hunt:
Since both party themes involve jewels and treasures- Princess jewels and Pirate treasures-you could have a Scavanger Hunt at your party. Create clues to help the party guests find the treasure chest, which would contain small bags of jewels and Pirate loot.

'Pin the Tail' party games.
Purchase a Pirate game as well as a Princess game. Put them both up on the wall and each guest can take their turn on both of the games.

Pirates and Princess Parade:
Request each of the party guests to come dressed as Princesses or Pirates. You can play theme music and have a Princess and Pirate Costume Parade.

Princess and Pirates Party Chat

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    • Francescad profile image

      Francescad 5 years ago from London

      My daughter is having a joint 4th birthday party with a friend and guess what theme they've requested? :-) However, both girls want to be pirates!!

      Thanks for the ideas!

    • profile image

      Jessica 8 years ago

      awesome idea for boy and girl twins

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      another good ideas

    • brad4l profile image

      brad4l 9 years ago from USA

      This sounds like a very cool way to do a birthday party. It is my friend's childs birthday next week and we were talking about party ideas today, so I will have to mention this to him.

    • entertaininstyle profile image

      entertaininstyle 9 years ago from Southern California

      Great party ideas! The half and half cake is smart as well as the 1 party favor!