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Printable Christian Santa Letters

Updated on November 10, 2011

Christian Santa Letters Explain the Reason for the Season

Santa Claus is a fun character for children during the holidays, but the emphasis on Santa and gifts can district from the real "reason for the season."

If you're looking for a way to let your kids enjoy the magic of Santa without losing the focus on the birth of Christ, Christian Santa letters may be the answer. Some companies that sell letters from Santa Claus offer this option, but you can also save money and create your own letter at home.

Here are some sites to help you do just that.


4 Places to Get Printable Christian Santa Letters

If you don't need a fancy background for your letter, you can get very basic but free Christian Santa letter at Free Christian Santa They offer two different letters with some simple clipart of the Baby Jesus in his manager at the bottom of the page. The files are provided as Microsoft Word documents, so you can edit the text or even change the clipart and add your own image.

If you'd like something with a better design that you can still edit in Microsoft Word, you can get printable Christian Santa letters at Santa Letter They offer the design shown at the top of this page as one of their letter options. This site also offers printable Nice List certificates, although they don't have a Christian-themed one.

Another site that offers a nice Christian-themed background is Printable Santa This site allows you to select the text and design of your letter from several options. There are a total of eight text options and six design options, both of which include one Christian theme to create your own printable Christian Santa letter. The letters can be purchased individually with an envelope design or as part of a package that can include a Nice List certificate, letter from Rudolph, an autographed photo of Santa and two envelope designs.

You can also find a religious letter from Santa Claus at Santa Printables. This site offers free, non-customizable letters from Santa in pdf format or letters you can buy a Microsoft Word version of the letter that allows you to personalize it. The religious letter talks about the birth of Jesus, but doesn't incorporate a Christian-themed design.

With any of these Christian letters from Santa, your kids will love getting their own Santa letter, and you can feel good knowing the message they're getting from Santa Claus isn't just about toys.

What Do You Think of Christian Santa Letters?

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    • profile image

      anna 4 years ago

      I believe its special to remind little ones about the true meaning