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Printable Halloween Bottle Labels

Updated on October 9, 2013

Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels

Halloween is almost here and if you like to decorate on a budget I have a treat for you! There's nothing more budget friendly than free and that's why I've created these bottle labels for you to use to decorate at your party. You are free to use these for your personal use, all you have to do is rightclick on the image and print them, well and cut them and stick them onto the bottles or glasses, whatever suits you.

Hope you will have a spoktacular party!

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Grayscale Halloween

There is something spooky about black and white and that's why I decided to create a pack of 3 labels in grayscale.

Raven's Claws will go perfectly with snacks but you can use it as a bottle label too. Bat Blood is perfect for all red drinks and spider web morning water for your clear drinks or just plain water.

Free Printable Black & White Halloween Bottle Labels
Free Printable Black & White Halloween Bottle Labels

3 Colorful Designs

As most people do prefer colors I also created 3 labels that are a bit more colorful.

The first one is the Vampire Blood, the elixir of eternal life and as I have no idea what color the vampire blood is I can't suggest which drink to use this label with but I would like to imagine it to be something sparkly (nothing Twilight inspired here).

Next is the classical spider venom - works great for green and blue drinks but you don't have to limit yourself with these colors.

Last but not least is the Spooky Juice. I wanted to create something simple and fun, something the kids will enjoy so I came up with this one.

Fun Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels
Fun Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels

You could also buy them

If you don't fancy my designs or you don't have aces to the printer you can buy spooky labels as they are pretty inexpensive and they do come in so many designs your head might just start to hurt (in a good way) - you'll find truth serums, toxic zombie brews, brain juices... I've even saw labels that glow in the dark which is a cool thing if you're going with a glow in the dark theme.

© 2013 FunHouse


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      this article is great. Now i can print these labels and stick them to my empty bottles.