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Prom Themed Hollywood Red Carpet|Dress like your Favorite Hollywood Celebrities

Updated on May 20, 2016
Natalie Portman in Oscars Feb 2011
Natalie Portman in Oscars Feb 2011
Kristin Kreuk
Kristin Kreuk

February is the love month and prom month!

If you are planning to have a Hollywood red carpet themed prom, let me help you with some ideas on what to wear and whose outfit rocks the red carpet in Hollywood events.

The Preparation

You must imagine how much time, effort and money you must invest in this event. Plan ahead, make it 2-3 weeks of preparation,it is barely enough for you to be ready in that prom you are dreaming of especially if you have that special someone, or that cute crush of yours who will be your date in that special night.

Choosing the Right Celebrity to copy

First and foremost you must have an idea who is the celebrity you want to personify. Choose the one who could be your look-a-like or who have similarities. If you can't think of any celebrity you looked alike, think of the hair colors, height, facial similarities or complexion. For example, if you are blond, choose a celebrity who is blond; Leighton Meester, Anna Faris, Charlize Theron, Hayden Penettire and more...

If you have Chinese eyes you could go for Kristin Kreuk, Lucy Liu, Paris Hilton and there are a lot more.

Second is that you should look for your chosen celebrity's gown which you could easily acquire a similar look. Bear in mind that you should know how to carry the look. Think of your budget and stick with it. Don't go overboard in spending for that dress or gown which you could only wear once pr twice. Be reasonable in purchasing the outfit. Buy wisely. Be careful in buying, if you are in doubt bring your friend or someone who have better judgment than you have, just to make sure.


Following are my suggestions of a celebrity and the outfit that you could use. I have chosen glamourous looks but you could easily copy or you could easily find the match. I recommend looking for stuff in for the site have huge collection of clothes and apparel which your budget can afford. I have searched for the outfits in You could also find something in department stores, malls and boutique near you. I have chosen my favorite actresses because they looked awfully great in red carpets.


Mila Kunis

The gown is a green one shouldered full dress.

The hair is an updo and match it up with high heeled white shoes and you are off to knock guys eyes out.

Mila Kunis in a Vera Wang green gown.
Mila Kunis in a Vera Wang green gown.
Mila Kunis in white strapless full skirt.
Mila Kunis in white strapless full skirt.

Not a Vera Wang dress but similarly beautiful and sexy.

#1336 Taffeta One Shoulder Pageant Prom Party Dress. Avaialble at amazon.

Leighton Meester black gown
Leighton Meester black gown
Monica Belluci
Monica Belluci

Leighton Meester

She looks gorgeous with this black gown with cut in the midriff. Stunning beauty!

beautiful Natalie Portman in purple gown-Oscars 2011
beautiful Natalie Portman in purple gown-Oscars 2011

Natalie Portman

Those are just a few suggestions to help you decide on what to wear on the prom. As a wrap up, Always remember that it is still up to you to make the whole event memorable and whoever style you choose to copy be confident and enjoy your prom!

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    • laurenban profile image

      May Lauren Banares 6 years ago from Bacolod City, Philippines

      thanks for dropping by merits48! yeah Monica Belluci is a beauty.

    • profile image

      merits48 6 years ago

      thanks i really love Monica Belluci