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world day against poverty

Updated on December 23, 2013

International Day for the Eradiction of Poverty

If there is something In my life where I'm really most concerned of, it is "never ending" poverty in our world. Especially "children in poverty" are a thorn in my eye: children without shelter, orphans, hungry kids, lack of education, violence on children. That's one of the biggest reasons, why I would like to be a "very wealthy man", not only to share it with my kids, family, friends...but also to share my infinite wealth with children all over the world.

Being a professional member of a "child and parent guidance center" (school psychologist) for already 35 yrs, I very happy and proud when I notice, our leading management encourages "The World Day of Resistance Against Poverty". This International Day Against Poverty is on 17th of October. And the 2012 "motto" is: "Escape from Poverty Concerns Everybody", calling all professional members of "social" organizations into action, at least to "support" the Action Against Poverty.

Escape From Poverty Concerns Everybody

Historical Overview

A few relevant dates to demonstrate, how this "Movement against Poverty" grew very fast.

The start of this Movement was made in 1956. Joseph Wresinski (1917-1988) was nominated as the priest in the "homeless camp" of Noisy-le-Grand, not far from Paris (France). He grew up in a Polish-Spanish migrant family, and was very familiar with "poverty". So he was shocked, when he saw the living circumstances in that homeless camp, where families had to live without future perspectives. He recognizes his own youth, his own people, so he made at that moment the promise, to bring his people directly to the places, where decisions are made about the future of people: the Elysée, the Vatican, the United Nations...

In 1957 Joseph Wresinski was the "motivational and stimulational force" for the start of a "Movement with the poorest". Later this Movement will be called "the Fourth World". The main accent isn't only to fight "for" the poorest on earth, but to fight "with the poorest" for their own rights. So Father Joseph Wresinski is still called "the Voice of the Poorest".

Many years later, on 17th of October 1987, hundreds of thousands defenders of Human Rights, gathered on the Trocadero Place in Paris (place where in 1948 was signed The Universal Declaration of The Human Rights). In presence of this crowd a Memorial was inaugurated, in honor of all the victims of hunger, exclusion and violence.

On 17th of April 1989 (2 years later), Secretary General of the United Nations "Javier Perez de Cuellar" proposed to declare 17th October as a International Day against Poverty, afther he read the text on the Trocadero Memorial. And so it happened on 22th of December 1992.

From 1993 the 17th of October is a Yearly International Day for the Eradiction of Poverty.

Trocadero Memorials all over the World

Since 1989 already a lot of replicas of the Trocadero Memorial are inaugurated in several places all over the world. This is a overview of all of them. This Trocadero Memorial and all the replica memorials in different countries became the symbol of resistance against extreme poverty, but also a source of pride and courage for the poorest and their supporting people.

* Sint Jacques de Compostelle (Spain - 1987)

* Genève (Switzerland - 1988)

* Champ Fleury in Saint Denis (Island Réunion - 1989)

* Berlijn (near the Reichstag) (Germany - 1992)

* La Flèche (France - 1992)

* Council of Europe (Strasbourg - 1993)

* Rizal Park (Manilla - Philippines - 1993)

* Rouyn-Noranda (Canada - 1993)

* Gent (Belgium - 1994)

* Roubaix (France - 1994)

* Davao City (Philippines - 1994)

* Lisbon (Portugal - 1994)

* Manega (Burkina-Faso - 1996)

* United Nations New York (United States -1996)

* Metz (France - 1996)

* Thetford Mines (Canada - 1997)

* Toulon (France - 1997)

* Besançon (France -1998)

* Glasgow (United Kingdom - 1999)

* Rome (Italy - 2000)

* La Garde (France -2000)

* Marseille (France - 2001)

* Nogent-le-Rotrou (France - 2001)

* Ozamis City Mindanao (Philippines - 2001)

* European Parliament Brussels (Belgium - 2002)

* La Louvière (Belgium - 2002)

* Hull (England - 2002)

* Sherbrooke (Canada - 2003)

* Port-Louis (Ile Maurice - 2004)

* Somain (France - 2004)

* Cultural Center of Gathering in the Abbey of Neumünst (Luxembourg - 2005)

StopArmoede.Nu in action

Belgian Action Group

The Belgian Action Group "StopArmoede.Nu" started in 2008, launching "actions" each year against Poverty. This Action Group tries to give Belgian Politicians on frequent basis "alerts" about the growing gap between "rich" and "poor". The last action was on 19th of december 2012 against the isolation and loneliness.

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Duel Debate about Poverty

What do you think we can do against Poverty?

Are you concerned about Poverty in the world?

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    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      What concerns me most of all? Children being hungry, and without education...