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Quick Xmas Party Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

The holiday season is one of the best times to entertain your family and friends. Most people decorate their homes anyway, so there is no real need to decorate elaborately for a Xmas party. These ideas are based on the fact that you already have your home decorated a bit for the holidays. They are just meant to quickly add to the decor to make it seem more party appropriate. If you do have a party planned, you can use these easy Xmas party decorations to help you add to your existing decor.

The formality of your party has a lot to do with what you should add to your decor. If you are having a somewhat formal dinner party, then you should certainly concentrate on the table. For a formal dinner party, consider adding small touches to your table to get ready for your party. Make place cards for your guests out of card stock. You can easily print them out on your home printer and add holiday symbols to their design.

Another great thing to do for a formal party is to place small treats on the table for your guests. You can create gift bags to set in front of each guest. These bags can include candy, gift certificates, makeup, picture frames, and many other gift ideas. Your guests can enjoy their gifts while dinner is being served. You may want to consider hiring help to serve your meal, whether or not you cook it. This allows you to enjoy the party as much as your guests.

You can also dress up your table with a quick centerpiece. Try purchasing small poinsettias to place in the center of your table. Just be sure that guests can see over them, or they will become annoying. These are easy flowers to use for centerpieces. You can also use a small village set for the centerpiece. Anything that is easy to set up and holiday inspired will work.

For a casual Xmas party, consider adding holiday colored balloons to your home. A large Santa or snowman decoration is a great thing to place in your entranceway as well. You can purchase these at most holiday decor stores. If you are only serving finger foods, then you will really only need to concentrate on your serving table. Add garland around the edge of the tablecloth. Sprinkle holiday confetti along the top of the table as well for an easy decor touch. Use colorful serving trays and disposable plates and napkins in coordinating designs.

If your area looks boring, add a tiny Xmas tree to your table. This will help you keep the holiday spirit in your decorations. You can also add a faux wrapped gift for decor. Faux wrapped gifts are also great to use on a covered porch. They are inviting to guests before they even enter the party.

No matter if you are planning a formal or a casual party, your Xmas party decorations can literally be done in less than an hour. Just focus on the main party area, which is most often the food area and you will be a hit!


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