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Quick Gifts For the DIY Car Fan

Updated on February 3, 2015

Once the holidays are over, stores all over America become saturated with pinks and reds all around. Whether or not you and your significant other celebrate Valentine's Day is up to you, but here are a couple of suggestions of what to give your man this Valentine's Day. Even if you think Valentine's is overrated, you can still use this list as a tool for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or even just-because. You don't always need a special occasion to give gifts anyway.

For the DIY guy who loves home improvement, a complete set of tools and drills would be incredibly helpful. Maybe your man already has tools, but do you notice that some of them are extra worn than others? You could replace those specific worn ones with the same exact newer model ones. Some other home improvement gifts would be a new lawnmower, snow blower, or a work bench.

Plenty of guys are huge car fans, so what do you do when your guy loves cars but you don't know what he needs? Has he expressed interest for new wheels, body kit, or maybe some new lights? The aftermarket car lighting industry has exploded to accommodate all kinds of vehicles, taking into consideration the year, trim, and even packages. Some car lights are plug-and-play, with no modification required, but some require a bit of retrofit work like trimming or taking apart the headlights so there is a bit of experience that's needed.

If your guy likes the BMW angel eye look, then get him a new set of those famous halo rings. Nowadays, you can get LED halo rings, switchback LED, and even RGB rainbow LED. You're not just limited to incandescent rings anymore, giving you plenty of creative liberty to choose which halo rings best suits your needs. You don't even have to be limited to a BMW to get halo rings now, since there are tons of aftermarket halo rings that suit plenty of cars. You could have a Japanese or an American car and still have the angel eye look. Talk about versatile! The best part is, angel eyes look great on practically every car. You don't have to worry if the car will look good with it on or anything, since it's practically a given that these add-ons completely elevate the look.

Some of the best accessories for the truck lover would be a whole slew of lighting equipment tailored specifically for a truck guy's needs. Some trucks don't come standard with roof lights, but aftermarket LED cab roof lights do the trick just as good as the factory. A set of these LED roof lights can illuminate your field of vision to an incredible degree. Even if the truck came with factory roof lights, the majority of them look like gigantic warty pimples that are both an eyesore and lack in brightness. A set of 5 LED cab lights in amber really elevate the look so that your guy can give his truck a whole new look, but still be safe when he does some off-roading or construction work.

If he already has a set of LED roof lights, then get a matching set of LED side marker lights that light up as both amber and red. These lights are not overly conspicuous and are great for the guy who loves subtlety and a clean look. They replace the existing side marker lights for a quick and easy installation, so you can even surprise him by installing these yourself! Of course, we all know how men feel about their cars and trucks, so you would probably have to be absolutely certain that he would love an add-on like that before you proceed.

A less expensive alternative would be a couple of car decals or vinyl wraps to cover the headlights in. The car decals all come in all sorts of designs to accommodate all interests, so you can't go wrong if you know what your guy is into. Vinyl wraps for the headlights are also great and they are made in tons of colors, like dark tint, red, purple, blue, yellow, and much more. These headlight wraps protect the car from small flying projectiles like pebbles, dirt, debris, and other things that could damage your headlights. The best part is that these vinyl wraps are a hundred percent removable so in the event that they need to be removed, they can easily be peeled off to reveal the perfect headlights underneath. it doesn't matter what you choose, as it's the thought that counts, right?


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