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Quick and Easy Halloween Porch Displays

Updated on October 5, 2016

Here are some very quick and easy ideas to make your porch look extra special this Halloween.

Everything can be brought locally and inexpensively, so if you’re wondering how to add some last minute flair to your porch then read on.

Broomstick Display

Tie together a number of inexpensive broomsticks, broom side up, so that they stand independently. Use black and orange ribbon for Halloween flair. Several of these displays either side of your porch look very effective.

Pumpkin Family

Pumpkins always look amazing on a Halloween porch, carved creatively of course and with a candle burning inside on the night itself. Try a mixture of different sizes and colors of pumpkin to create your own pumpkin family.

Halloween Baskets

Create a Halloween basket by, first lining one with large autumn leaves and then fill with red apples and baby pumpkins. Tie your basket handles with orange and black ribbons.

Halloween Wreath

Take some florist wire and make an inexpensive shop brought wreath look extra special by threading through mini pumpkins, berries, cinnamon sticks (wind the wire around these to attach) and large autumn leaves. Be creative and in no time you’ll have a door decoration to be really proud of.

Quick and Easy Lanterns

Create instant lanterns with tea-lights and empty glass jars. These can be painted with Halloween characters or I prefer them left clear, with the candles on show. You can position them on steps or wind wire around the rims to create a handle to hang them by.

Happy Halloween!


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    • profile image

      Anna Hodges 9 years ago

      Fab ideas