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Quick tips on Christmas Gifts for him

Updated on December 20, 2011
Christmas tree
Christmas tree | Source
Candle centerpiece
Candle centerpiece | Source

Been struggling about what to buy the man or men on your list. I know it is always an exhausting challenge to purchase just the perfect thing for that guy on your list. Especially if you are romantically involved with that particular fellow.

Of course if he is a gamer you may want to go ahead and purchase the gift he has been hinting at, when you have been out shopping.

Buy for him what he would want you to wear. You know either the garments he talks about in passing or you catch him ogling in the magazine ads and such. Here are some tips.

  1. lingerie
  2. black bra and underwear
  3. lacy or filmy black teddies
  4. feather boa
  5. high heeled bedroom slippers in black or red
  6. thigh high pantie hose with suspenders
  7. leather bustier

Some type of garment that he has either fantasized you in, it can even be his favorite cartoon boxers and a wife beater undershirt. You know whatever will give him pleasure.

Other gift ideas for him can take the form of something he would like to read or enjoys reading.

  1. newspaper subscription
  2. sports magazine
  3. how to books
  4. novels by a favored author
  5. statistics books of a sport
  6. cartoon books or graphics
  7. hobby books

What ever you choose make sure it is something he will take pleasure in reading and re reading so that it is a book he can turn to throughout his lifetime and even recommend to his friends and family.

Other items can include some type of garment. Something that he would not normally buy for himself or is willing to try but never had the nerve to purchase on his own.

  1. bow tie
  2. handkerchiefs
  3. bedroom shoes
  4. suspenders
  5. velvet or suede sports coat
  6. hat or cap
  7. plaid scarf or kilt

Another suggestion is to get him a garment in a color he would never chose on his own but you would love to see him in, if all else fails buy a pair of boxers and dress socks. That way he can get use to the color without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.

If you would like to give him something a little more personal that he can keep in the office but is also private as well, here are some suggestions. Have a sexy picture of yourself taken and one that can be displayed without embarrassment.

Glue the pictures back to back

two sided glass picture frame or picture book

Office ideas

  1. solitaire games or puzzles
  2. de stressing items
  3. paper weights
  4. desk calendar with family pictures
  5. jars of candy

Of course you can always purchase the time honored standards like ties, socks, underwear, leather wallet and belt, a watch, gold jewelry like chain and bracelet, golf clubs etc. These are all safe, fall back gifts.

There is always the option of the homemade coupon booklet. This is a book you make with coupons with suggestions he will enjoy. These are ideas that he can whip out at any time unless you stipulate a time requirement or expiration date.


  1. date night
  2. movie choice
  3. guy night
  4. massage
  5. favorite food

The choice is based on your guy and his preferences but you need to make sure they are things he would enjoy. Remember this is his gift not yours.

Hope these will help, especially as the Christmas day is fast approaching! Enjoy!


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