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Quiet Books - Soft Felt Created Activity Books for Kids

Updated on November 30, 2015

One for Each Child Works Best


My Introduction to Quiet Books

My daughter in law was given two books for her children by her friend. Her friend had put together two books for my two granddaughters.

These books were very interesting. I didn't get a chance to see all the pages, but the page that I recall was a kitchen page, with an oven with a door that opened. You put a pan of cookies in the oven. The cookie pan was a piece of felt with several buttons sewn on.

It was all very cute.


How About You

Do you agree that kids need something simple, and quiet to keep them busy?

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Quiet and Fun

I personally think that the quiet books work well to amuse your child.

I had felt boards for my daycare kids when they were small, some twenty years ago. There were a few kids that really enjoyed pressing the shapes to the board and creating pictures. Felt sticks to itself so it was easy for them to use.

The quiet books are very versatile. They store on a shelf or in a drawer. They are lightweight.


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