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Updated on April 6, 2012


By Robert Hewett Sr.

On Easter Morning as the sun begins to rise

Look East and you may see a delightful surprise.

Look hard and intent and a quick glimpse you will see,

Of a vision skipping through the flowers and trees.

Long floppy ears flapping in time in the breeze,

Whiskers twitching as if ready to cause a sneeze.

Barely visible so quickly she moves among the trees,

Secretly placing her colored eggs among the leaves.

Wearing a bright pink bonnet and a bright pink dress,

With her pink shoes, pink socks and belt to look her best.

Her pink basket banging against her thumping legs

Creating a magical moment with bright colored eggs.



(By Robert Hewett Sr)

Molly was busy as a bee. She hurried around the babbling spring in the Hurley Woods gathering tender green grass, walnut hulls and red berries. It was almost dark and she dared not be out when the sly fox started his rounds. Tender rabbit was his favorite meal. Molly is the official Easter Bunny of the Hurley Woods. She desperately needed the materials to color Easter eggs given to her by Betty Banty the perky hen that lived at the nearby Boder farm.

Molly started down the trail to her home in a well-hidden hollow tree. She heard a swishing sound and something orange fell from the sky into her path. It looked like a carrot. It smelled like a carrot, but it glowed bright and then dim. Molly had not seen a carrot since the Boders' garden had died out last spring. Boy, it was tempting. She wrinkled her nose and smelled it again. Should she taste it? Why not! It sure looked and smelled like a carrot. She nudged it with her nose and then jumped back. The carrot just lay there glowing bright and dim. She crawled back to it and then quickly bit off the small tender end. It tasted good. She began to eat, and eat, and before she knew it she had eaten the whole carrot. She felt kind of funny. She was light as a feather. She started walking and it was like walking on air. She hopped and she zoomed. She sailed clear over a hickory tree. When she landed she was trembling all over. "What has happened to me? I am still a rabbit, I think, but I can fly as high as a bird." She crawled on her belly, afraid to hop like all rabbits. Slowly she rose to all four feet and tiptoed along the path.

As she rounded a big Cherry tree she met the sly fox face to face. Molly froze. The fox grinned and licked his lips. "Finally, Miz Molly, you are going to be my dinner". The fox leaped straight at Molly intending to pounce on her. Without thinking, Molly sprang into the air and the Hurley Woods were below her. She relaxed and she started down. She spread her legs far apart and she flew level. She tilted to the left and turned in that direction. She tilted to the right and she headed that way. She raised her head high and pointed her front feet to the sky and she soared even higher. The trees looked small to her. She was not afraid now. She liked flying.

Molly spotted her hollow tree and circled over it, gliding gently to the ground. She hurried into her home and dropped the bag with her coloring materials to the floor of the hollow tree. She thought about what had happened to her. She wondered whether she would be able to fly again tomorrow. Molly slept and dreamed that she had delivered Easter eggs to all the boys and girls for hundreds of miles around the Hurley Woods. She dreamed of flying so far and so fast that the string of eggs she left behind looked just like a rainbow. When she awoke the next day she was determined to make her dream come true.


Next morning Molly went into the Hurley Woods and gathered some of the leaves that had fallen to the ground last fall. Some were brown, some were red and some yellow, and others had many colors. Molly went back to her workshop hopping lightly about and never tiring. Easter was only two days away. She was planning a big surprise for all the boys and girls. She gathered all her coloring materials beside her and began to chew them into a paste. When she finished chewing a mouthful she dropped the paste onto a piece of bark. When she was finished, she had made all the colors of the rainbow. Then she rolled the eggs into the mush and colored them all over. The eggs were very pretty. Molly was tired, so she lay down on her grass mat to rest. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. In a little while she awoke and went back to check her eggs. To her surprise the number of eggs had multiplied into a huge pile, which was getting bigger. "Oh My", said Molly to herself, "How did this happen? It must have been that carrot that fell from the sky. When I chewed the colors it must have done something to make the eggs multiply. How will I ever deliver all those eggs?" She looked at her egg bag, so small and dainty. She thought, "if that carrot can make me fly and make my eggs multiply, why can't it make my egg bag grow?"

She took the bag and put a bottom corner of the bag into her mouth and began to chew. Pretty soon she had chewed the corner off so that only one egg could come out at a time. The bag was all wet where she had chewed it. She sat down and watched the bag. All at once it began to grow, and grow and grow. Molly jumped back and wondered how big the bag would get. When the bag stopped growing it was several feet long. Molly took a long silky piece of hair that had come from the tail of the Boder's big black horse. She tied the hole shut. She stuffed all the eggs into the bag. She wondered whether she could carry such a heavy load, but she found that it was light for her. Now her Easter egg rainbow could be real.

"Oh no," she cried, "the eggs will all break". She sat down and thought again. An idea flashed before her. She put all the colored leaves she had gathered into a pile. Molly carefully emptied all the eggs out of the bag and stacked them by the leaves. Putting on her bonnet, she left the hollow tree and skipped over to the Busy Bee tree where all the worker bees were busy making wax and honey. BUSY BEE, BUSY BEE, I NEED SOME OF YOUR BEESWAX, shouted Miz Molly. You don’t have to scream Miz Molly, we can hear you," said one busy bee just leaving the tree for a new load of pollen. "What do you want wax and honey for? Everyone knows that rabbits don’t eat honey." " I don't want to eat it; I just need it to keep my Easter eggs from breaking when I drop them tomorrow".

Chapter Three

"Molly you are off your rocker. Even if we gave it to you, how would you get to it up here so high," said a worker bee. "Just push it out onto that limb and I will show you," said Molly. The worker bee hovered with several other bees to watch. They did not believe she could get the honey and wax, but they decided to humor her because, after all, she was the official Easter Bunny. The worker bees pushed a big piece of wax dripping with honey out onto the big limb pointed out by Molly. "OK, there it is Miz Molly", said the worker bees all together. They hovered near the wax and watched Molly.

Molly picked up a sharp pointed stick in her teeth and quickly turned and jumped into the air and landed firmly on the big limb. She stuck the stick into the chunk of wax and holding it tightly with her teeth she sailed to the ground landing lightly on her feet. She laid the wax on a big leaf and looked up at the startled bees. "Thank you, worker bees; you have just made this the most beautiful Easter ever.” said Molly. She picked up the stick in her teeth and hopped down the trail to her workshop.

When she got to her workshop, Molly took the wax and honeycomb inside and placed it near the leaves and eggs. Very carefully, she took a leaf in her teeth and rubbed it on the wax and then held it to one side of an egg for a few seconds until it stuck. She took another leaf and rubbed it on the wax and then held it to the other side of the egg. She stepped back to view her work. Now the egg had wings. She could hop as high as she wanted to and the egg would gently float to the ground for the boys and girls to find. She set about doing the rest of the eggs and finally, just before dark, she finished her work. She returned all the eggs to her bag and sat back twitching her nose and feeling very proud of herself. Then she frowned. "How will the boys and girls know that I am coming so they can see the rainbow?" The plan was no good unless the boys and girls could see the rainbow made by the falling eggs. She smiled to herself and thought, "I know just what to do".

Chapter Four

Molly rushed from her workshop, forgetting to put on her bonnet. She hurried to the center of the Big Thicket, to a big Oak tree, where her friend, the mysterious IKATEE BICATEE(Ik ah tee Bik ah tee) Boo lived. Nearing the big oak tree she cried out "Iketee Boo, Iketee Boo, I need you". There was a sudden whirring and a loud echoing sound came to her ear.

“YOU WOKE ME UP Miz Molly, what dooo youooo want?" "Boo, I need you to wake up the boys and girls at daybreak tomorrow so they can see my rainbow Easter eggs fall from the sky", cried Molly. "You can’t fly Molly. ”I am very strong and I can fly", said Molly, and she sprang into the air gliding around the big oak tree. "Ooookaaay", said Iketee Boo, "I will fly for youoooo".

That night all the boys and girls that lived around the Hurley Woods slept restlessly and dreamed of finding bright colored Easter eggs, chocolate, marshmallow, cream filled, and boiled ones. Just before dawn the quiet over the entire valley was shattered by a loud clackety laughing sound that echoed against the trees and the hills. "Wake uuuppp, loooook outside, she's coming for youooo".

In every house where boys and girls slept eyes came wide open. Frightened by this sudden loud sound they rushed to windows, porches and doors to see what had scared them. They heard a roar and in the Eastern sky they saw a rabbit dressed in a pink dress, with a pink bonnet and pink booties soaring across the sky. Trailing behind the pink rabbit was a beautiful rainbow. It had red, green, yellow, orange, purple and hints of other colors too. It seemed to be gently floating to the ground. As it did, it glowed bright and then dim. The boys and girls all screamed as one, "It's the Easter Bunny, and she has made a rainbow of colored eggs.", they cried out in unison. "It's a Rainbow Easter Bunny" cried one little boy. They rushed outside to go search for the Easter eggs. Oddly, their parents slept through all of this commotion. They did not hear or see any of the things later described by the children.




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    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Thank you Bob for sharing my link. I'm also on FB.

      Happy Easter!

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile imageAUTHOR

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 

      6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Thank you Sunshine. I look forward to reading more of your delightful work. There are other stories on my page that your GD might enjoy. I am going to post a link on my

      Facebook page to your page. Best wishes for a great Easter. Bob

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      6 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Hi Bob, What a wonderful story of the Rainbow Easter Bunny! I will be sure and read this to my granddaughter on Easter day. She will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you for sharing!:)

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile imageAUTHOR

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 

      6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Thanks Lee, wonderful to hear from you. I follow you and your great poetry and thoughts for the day on Facebook. I hope to call you soon via Skype or one of the other such services. Actually, I can call you on my cell phone for

      10C min. Since Tracfone gives me double minutes the real cost is only 5 cents per minute. Have a great Easter.


    • profile image

      Leokadia Durmaj 

      6 years ago

      Hello Bob, sorry I know its been a while but I have had some ill health. I love the poem "Magical Easter Bunny", I would love to share it with my beautiful granddaughter. Words that capture any child's imagination.

      Next your beautiful story "Rainbow Easter Bunny", is so delightful and creative, such a joy to read not only for children but adults alike. You paint such wonderful pictures in everyone mind as the story unfolds magically and hold you spellbound until the very end. Always a pleasure to read your amazing poetry and stories. Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and Happy Easter....



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