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Rainy Day Weather

Updated on July 14, 2014

When I think about rain

I think about singing

When I thinking about about singing it's a heavenly tune

When I think about heaven

Then I think about angels

When I think about angels

I think about you!

Those are lyrics from a song Jamie O'Neal sings. So, rain always brings a smile to my face for a few reasons, those lyrics being one of them. The others revolve around the warmth and comfort of home. I like rainy days since they give me an excuse to stay home, relax and spend quality time with my family.

I love wearing an old baggy tee shirt, pajama bottoms, my warm fuzzy robe and slippers. I enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee, slowly losing myself in the aroma, not having to go anywhere and relaxing. I think that's why when I lived away from home I missed having the four seasons. I am basically a home body and I love having a reason for staying home. Being indoor on a cold, chilly rainy day, snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket, catching up all my shows, getting lost in a good book, the aroma of fresh baked cookies going through the house and getting ready for a mean game of Scrabble. Sometimes I sit on the floor with my granddaughter, building towers with her blocks so she can be a dinosaur and kick them down. Coloring with her, painting, using play dough, reading her stories. We dance around the house, being goofy and acting silly. We sit, talk and tell jokes. Taking turns we vent about what frustrates us at work, school, the grocery store. Sometimes I like to take a nap, get lost in my dreams.

Recently I purchased a Kindle Fire and have now incorporated the pleasure of reading into my quiet time. I relish the ability to imagine myself as one of the characters and picture the scenes as they unfold. Using the minds eye to see either tv personalities or screen personalities actors as the men, women and children's personalities come alive within the story.

There are also those times I just sit in the quite and reflect on the life lessons I've learned, appreciate what I've been given and know that by the Grace of God Go I.

Singing In The Rain


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