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Christmas Tree Decorating in Austin, Texas

Updated on December 4, 2019
PaulaK profile image

Paula is a wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys exploring and writing about the Texas Hill Country and spending time with her grandsons.

Driving Down Loop 360

Today was a beautiful Sunday with sunny skies and a cool Fall breeze. Driving South on Loop 360 through the Texas Hill Country was extra special today with decorated Christmas trees scattered along the side of the road. Several cars were parked on the side of the road while the occupants decorated a chosen tree to add to the colorful landscape. Ornaments and strands of tinsel glistened in the sunlight.


The Austin Tradition of Decorating Random Trees

Austin experienced the first randomly decorated cedar trees about eight years ago. A few families decorated some trees scattered along the road. Over the years, the interest has grown. Instead of a few scattered trees, there are large areas of brightly colored Christmas trees glistening in the sunlight. If a tree is close to the road and easily accessible, it may be chosen.

The Decor

Randomly decorating a Christmas tree does not have to be an expensive endeavor. Using inexpensive Christmas ornaments and tinsel can be very effective. The entire tree does not have to be covered. The side of the tree facing the road is most important. Some folks decorate the lower half of a larger tree. Some decorate their tree in a theme of color or design. Today I saw a tree decorated with beach balls. The other evening I saw a decorated tree with strands of flashing Christmas lights.

Our Special Tree

Five years ago, my husband lost his Mom. Her last Christmas was a difficult one. In an attempt to be festive, we took her to a local store and purchased some colorful tree decorations. We drove around until she saw a "special" tree. Because of her failing health, she watched us "decorate". The next Christmas, after her passing, we decorated a different tree in her honor. It was a meaningful time for both of us.


I hear there are some folks who think that decorating the Cedar trees is damaging to them. There have been groups that have been "undecorating" some of the newly adorned trees.

As responsible adults, we should return and remove the decorations from our tree after the New Year. Winds, rain and cold temperatures can cause damage to the ornaments and some may fall off or be blown away in high winds. Cleaning up after the season is over is good for the environment and for keeping our roadways in good condition. We each need to do our part. This Christmas tradition can continue if we act responsibly.


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