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Rapper Costume Review

Updated on October 4, 2014

Rap Costume

When it comes to music rappers are all the rave. But most people never think about dressing up in a rap costume as their Halloween get up. It can be a great deal of fun to play your favorite rap star on the scariest holiday of the year. Instead of frightening everyone to death how about becoming a hip hop star and showing everyone your skills on the microphone.

To be the best rapper around you have to have your microphone. No music star is complete without a mic. You also have to have your bling bling. The bling is jewelry. The more diamonds and gold the better. Blinging jewelry sparkles like the stars on a cloudless dark night. Everyone will take notice of your gaudy jewels. As a rapper you will also need to dress the part. A baseball cap and some fresh sneakers will always do the trick. And you can finish off the look with an over sized shirt and baggy pants. And don’t forget about you gold and diamond rapper grills.

Rapper Gear

I can see all of the fun that you will have on Halloween as a rapper in your new rap costume. You will be the life of any costume party that you attend wearing your rapper gear. This will work if you are in a teenager Halloween costume hanging out with your friends or even if you are wearing an adult Halloween costume at a late night ghoulish party dancing the night away. As a rapper you will no doubt be the coolest person at the Halloween party.

Rapper Costume

Adult Rapper Costume

Parents you don’t have to got to the company Halloween party this year as some lame pirate, witch, or cartoon character. You can buy an adult rapper costume for yourself. With one of these outfits you can easily be the winner for best costume. So if you are stuck on what you want to be for Halloween try a rapper costume.

Dress Up Like Your Favorite Rapper

You can dress up like your favorite rapper this spooky holiday season. You can be a rapper like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z or any of your other best rappers. This is every little boy and little girl dream to dress up like their favorite rapper. You can make this Halloween the best ever for your child a rapper costume. They will thank you a thousand times. Your kid will waste no time calling their friends to tell them that they will be a rapper for Halloween.

Girl Rapper Costume

Girl Rapper Costume

Girl Rapper Costume

For the ladies out there you can dazzle your friends in one of many of the girl rapper costume available. Girls love to get dressed up for any occasion. Why not go to the Halloween office party this year as your favorite female rapper. The female rapper costume can be an 80’s rapper costume with rapper costume jewelry dangling from her neck . It will remind you sort of the female rap group Salt-N-Pepa when see the female old school rapper costume. Get dressed up like your favorite B-girl for this Halloween and have all of the guys checking you out and complimenting you on how FLY you look in your threads.


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