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Real Men Day

Updated on September 4, 2017

I am seeing all the posts on Facebook for Father's Day and I see so many good men and thankful families. I am one of those thanking God today for all the men in my life and, more importantly, in my kids' lives.

As I read posts, there are wishes for a great day for so many men with so many titles. I love my dad so much. He has always been there for me and taken care of me and I have the security in knowing I can count on him no matter what. To me, the best thing a dad can give his kids is security. Security in knowing you will be provided for growing up, security in knowing no matter what you do you are perfect in his eyes, and security in knowing someone has your back and will be there for you in every way.

Today is Father's Day, but as I see all the titles of men being wished a great day I think we need another day for men called "Real Men Day". That love and security I am talking about come from dads, but you don't have to be someone's biological father to give and express that love. My kids have no relationship with their biological dad but they are hardly lacking a father. They have my dad, my grandfather, my brother, my brother in law, my uncles, and many other men in the form of friends, coaches, teachers, etc. that have a positive influence and impact on my kids.

Anybody can be a biological father, but a real man takes his role no matter how big or small in a child's life seriously. These real men choose to be present in a child's life. It isn't out of obligation, but a sincere desire to make a difference in a life. So many times men and women without children are told: "you would understand if you had children of your own". I think that statement is a little unfair. I think men and women who don't have children bring a fresh, untainted perspective to their relationship with a child.

I am proud of my children for many, many things, but probably the thing I am most proud of is their relationship with God and their trust in Him. They could be bitter about their situation, but in a way, they have been given a gift along with their disappointment. They truly appreciate the real men in their lives that choose to be there for them in so many ways. They never take for granted time or acts by these real men because they know there is no obligation but that these men sincerely care about them. They know God has carefully chosen and put these real men around them and they certainly aren't lacking the security in knowing they are loved and taken care of in so many different ways.

I really do think we need a Real Men Day to recognize these men who unselfishly put themselves in the lives of kids and make such a positive impact on the people these kids grow up to be. I can guarantee you, these men don't go unnoticed especially by single moms who very much appreciate their time and participation. What do you think?

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