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Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Mom a Kindle Fire for Mother's Day

Updated on July 1, 2013
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Kindle Fire for Your Mom

Mother's Day will be coming soon and many people make a big fuss out of the holiday. Some folks just get their mothers a nice bunch of flowers or a potted plant, and call it a day. However, there are some people that go all out for Mother's Day. If you are one of those people and you've ran out of good ideas for your mother, I suggest buying her a Kindle Fire. I want to warn you, a Kindle Fire is pretty expensive, but if you've been buying your Mom gold jewelry for holidays but she seems bored with it, you might be willing to pay the $199 for the Kindle Fire. You can even consider buying a Kindle Fire for your grandmother as well.

A Kindle Fire is not just your average e-Reader. A regular Kindle that is under $100 is a perfectly fine e-Reader for your mother. If your mother does not want to just read books though, a Kindle Fire is great. It is basically a tablet and has many features. The Kindle Fire can download music, movies, shows, books, and games. If your mother is retired and has a lot of free time, this is a great option for her. Even if Mom is not retired, it is still a great tablet if she is looking for a new form of entertainment. It helps if your mother has a wireless internet connection, but she does not even need that to enjoy the Kindle Fire as long as you download the apps for her in advance.

Features Your Mother Will Like

The Kindle Fire is pretty easy to understand. As long as your mother has used a computer of some type or has a cell phone, she should be able to figure out the Kindle Fire. What I would recommend is buying the Kindle Fire for her and then getting it registered for her, too. While you've got the Kindle Fire, you can "personalize" it for her by adding applications, books, games, music, and movies you think she will like. Not only will she appreciate the gift, she will appreciate all the effort you went through to add her favorite things to the Kindle Fire.

By using the Kindle Fire before giving it to your Mom, you can figure out how to work it. This will allow you to give her instructions on how to use the Kindle Fire. If all else fails, there is an instruction manual on the Kindle, too. You can show her how to find the manual so she can refer to it if she gets confused while you are not around. Honestly, everyone is different and your mother might be a faster learner than you imagine with the Kindle Fire. My mother has a cell phone that is far more complex than mine and she has picked up text messaging faster than anyone anticipating. Basically, don't underestimate your Mom.

If Your Mother Likes Word Puzzles

If your mother enjoys word searches, crossword puzzles, or playing Scrabble, she will love having a Kindle Fire with all those games on it. You can buy a Scrabble application for the Kindle Fire for only $2.99. The Kindle Fire also usually comes with Words With Friends, but if not, it can be downloaded for free from Amazon. For $1.99, you can download a Word Search app for your mother. Furthermore, there are plenty of free word games available if you search on Amazon with the keywords: Kindle Fire word games.

More Fun Games for Mom

If your mother really enjoys games like Sudoku, you are in luck. There are a few game app options for Sudoku and the Kindle Fire. Your mother can be entertained for hours with some Sudoku puzzles.

Your Mom might be the type that enjoys a variety of computer games. Let us not forget some great basic games that are available for the Kindle Fire. Many mothers enjoy games like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, or Tetris. All of these games are available as applications for the Kindle Fire. Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds are free for the Kindle Fire. The Tetris app costs $2.99 for the Kindle Fire. However, you don't have to pay for some Tetris action. Tetriblox is also available for the Kindle Fire, but it is free. It is basically the same game.

Download Your Mother's Favorite Shows and Music

For just about any show or movie, you have the option to download it to the Amazon cloud or download it directly to the Kindle Fire. If your mother does not have Wi-Fi, I would recommend buying some things for her you know she likes and then downloading them directly to the device. In many situations, your Mom could enjoy watching movies and shows on the Kindle Fire. It is great to kill time during long car rides, waiting in doctor's offices, and lunch breaks at work.

Also, you may opt to buy her headphones or ear buds so she can listen to everything in private. Not everyone wants to know she is watching her favorite episode of CSI, and with her own ear buds, she will have that luxury of watching whatever she wants without disturbing anyone else.

Never Forget About Books

Of course, what would a Kindle Fire be without some books? There are plenty of free books options available for download on Amazon. If your mother has a favorite author, this is the perfect opportunity to download some books by an author that she will enjoy. When in doubt, you can even ask her if a new book is coming out that she might want to read. Sure, it won't be free, but imagine how surprised your mother will be when she receives a Kindle Fire instead of just a paperback book. Even if she would rather have a regular book (even I agree with that), the Kindle Fire has so many other options, she will be entertained for hours. Most people don't even use a Kindle Fire as an e-Reader. It is just that entertaining! A Kindle Fire can be the perfect gifts for Moms and Grandmas everywhere!

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